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Which Place Is Known As Ooty of Kerala?

We all know Ooty, right? It’s a very pristine and beautiful hill station in the Tamil Nadu state of India.

Ooty is more commonly known as the “Queen of Nilgiri Hill Station”. Its main attractions are the mountains and green valleys and, so makes it the most popular and pristine hill station.

Do you there’s another Ooty in Kerala? This place isn’t just called Ooty but the Ooty of Kerala.

Which Place Is Known As Ooty of Kerala?

Ranipuram village located in the Kasaragod district of the South Indian state of Kerala is primarily known as the Ooty of Kerala. It is called so because of its cool-comfortable weather, deep forests, and fascinating trekking trails that can somewhat be compared with Ooty of Tamil Nadu.

The panoramic views that you can witness in Ranipuram is just too awesome.

Moreover, one can witness the stunning views while walking through the trails of this offbeat trekking destination.

You will find this place so enthralling, fascinating, and adventurous while walking through the sparsely populated trails surrounded by the misty and lush green grasslands.

Do you know that Ranipuram is a very perfect one-day destination to visit from Mangalore side?

It’s all because due to its close distance and short trek, Ranipuram becomes a perfect one-day getaway if you reside in or around Mangalore or anywhere in the northern part of Kerala.

Why Ranipuram is called Ooty of Kerala?

Ranipuram is called the Ooty of Kerala because of its pristine hilly location. It is small but an incredible hill station that has very diverse and rich vegetation, shoal woods, monsoon forests, undulating grasslands, natural trails, and lush green evergreen forests with wildlife.

Same as the Ooty of Tamil Nadu, a majority of the things matches with Ranipuram.

It’s located in the evergreen region of the Western Ghats. Particularly Ranipuram is located in the Talakavery-Kottencheri-Ranipuram belt of the Western Ghats.

Just like the hills of Ooty is a major tourist attraction of Tamil Nadu. The same is here with Ranipuram but it’s here in Kerala.

The breathtaking beauty of Ranipuram hill station of Kasargod is a major tourist attraction of Kerala.

It’s just like what you get while going through the rolling hills of Ooty.

Those breathtaking views of the Western Ghats of Ooty are something comparable to what you will get while trekking through the enthralling trails of Ranipuram as well.

Talking about the altitude, the hills of Ranipuram is approximately about 750 to 1022 metres above the sea level in the Western Ghats.

This lush green hill station is one of the most favorite places for travelers, who love to trek. It is situated just adjacent to the Kottancheri-Talakaveri mountain range.

The remote wilderness of this place is just unique and awesome, can compared with that of Ooty in Tamil Nadu but, can’t be matched.

These all are the reasons why Ranipuram is called the “Ooty of Kerala.”

But one thing that’s negative about Ranipuram is the poor transportation facility that has literally made the place very offbeat and a hidden remote one for the travelers.

However, now there’s little improvement in transport making this place a tourist attraction and knowable to others.

Some interesting things about Ranipuram- The Ooty of Kerala

1. The whole place is proposed inside the Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary which merges with Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka.

2. A combination of both adventure and leisure marks this place to be counted as one of the most considerable tourist places in Kasaragod district of Kerala.

3. Ranipuram provides the finest form of the Eco-tourism option and provides a virtual treat for the trekkers and the bird watchers alike.

4. Ranipuram hills are well-known for its cool climate, deep forest zones, beautiful lush-green hills, luxuriant grasslands, the dense evergreen forests, and the enthralling trekking trails.

5. The sublime beauty of this region is comparable to that of Ooty and is a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts.

6. It is an offbeat trekking destination, which is sparsely populated and provides so many wonderful panoramic views.

7. The most interesting thing is that the trek is very beginner’s friendly. You can do this trek on your own. The distance is short and the elevation is low.

8. If you are trekking to the top then, Ranipuram is the easiest, quickest, and the most scenic trek ever. It will only take about 45-50 minutes to trek up the hill.

9. However, the downhill trek can be a bit challenging due to the slippery nature of the soil. But, that’s okay as compared to the beauty and adventure, right?

10. The entire trek route of Ranipuram is very scenic and a delight for nature photographers.

11. While trekking you will come across the Elephant corridor where you can literally witness the herd of elephants roaming around in their natural habitat if you got that lucky. Sometimes, the sight is very common.

12. It is a perfect one day-getaway destination for the folks located nearby. It’s best to do this trek after sunrise and before sunset as Ranipuram is the home to many wild animals.

13. The innocent life of the village and the gentle nature make a perfect blend of delight and enjoyment.

14. Ranipuram is not only called the “Ooty of Kerala” but also, sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Grasslands” due to its vast stretch of the evergreen short grasslands around the region.

15. It can also be called Mini Ooty. The little but awesome version of Ooty. It is so-called because it is the best place for people who are interested in an adventure with both a cool climate and no pollution at all.

16. It’s also referred to as the “Queen’s Land” locally. Do you know Ranipuram is the tallest peak in the Kasargod district of Kerala?

Wayanad, Kerala
Wayanad, Kerala

Some also refer Wayanad as the Ooty of Kerala

Yes, many poeple also refer Wayanad as the Ooty of Kerala but, most significantly and primarily Ranipuram is called the Ooty of Kerala.

So, Why poeple also refer Wayanad as the Ooty of Kerala?

Wayanad is also referred to as the Ooty of Kerala sometimes because of its pleasant climate and various picturesque views.

Other reasons are that it is a very popular tourist destination in Kerala, known for its scenic beauty, paddy fields, rolling hills, beautiful Western Ghats, Wildlife biodiversity, etc.

Replete with waterfalls, historical caves, comfortable resorts, and homestays, Wayanad in Kerala is also famous for its spice plantations as well.

Wayanad is situated in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 2,100 metres. It is the only district of Kerala that borders both the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states of South India.

Do you know? The most attractive feature of Wayanad is the forests, which are as old as 3,000 years.


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