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Where To Stay In Majuli? The First-Time Traveller’s Guide

Find out where to stay in Majuli, whether you’re looking for places to party or a quiet holiday escape.

Majuli is quite a very beautiful island located in the midst of the majestic Brahmaputra river. It is, in fact, the largest riverine island in the world as listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This world’s largest freshwater island is known for its lush greenery, environment-friendly ecosystem, pristine, and as a pollution-free fresh-water island in the river Brahmaputra.

Covering a total area of about 350 square kilometers, the Majuli island is located on the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam. It’s located only about 20 km away from the Jorhat city of Assam.

In 2016, it became the first island to be made a district in India. That’s so incredibly right.

For the tourists, who are planning to have a visit to this beautiful island have so many wonderful spots to stay along with nature. Which means there’s a dizzying range of options when deciding where to stay in Majuli.

where to stay in majuli
Where to stay in Majuli, Assam? Check it here.

Where to stay in Majuli? Here’re The 5 Best Locations To Stay

Kindly don’t expect the availability of any hotel or resort to stay in Majuli. You can only think of some guest houses and cottages which are available here, that can bring you one step closer to the intriguing culture of Assam. All these accommodation options will treat you with the best facilities, and amenities that you can ask for.

Let’s know about the best places

#1. Stay in Garmur Village

Garmur is one of the most famous locations in Majuli. It is the home to the religious center of the Vaishnavite tradition of Majuli. This holy site is the center of the Vaishnavite tradition as you can see so many Satras located here. This location has some of the highly sacred and ornamental carved pillars inside the Satras and praying areas. This Vaishnavite location also has preserved ancient artifacts, articles, and some of the most unseen literary works of Vaishnavites. Just remember that a trip to this very beautiful Majuli island is incomplete without a tour to Garmur.

Who is it For:

  1. Budget-conscious holidaymakers.
  2. People who love to go sightseeing.
  3. People who like to feel the culture and hospitality of the locals.
  4. People who would like to stay inside the traditional bamboo cottages and huts and make most of the outdoor garden activities.

#2. Stay near Kamalabari Satra

If you ask some about the most popular Satra in Majuli then they would literally give you the name of ‘Kamalabari Satra’. This Satra is the hub of Majuli’s artistic, musical, cultural, and religious life. I am not just saying it, you need to come here to experience it. This Satra is well known for its awesome artworks and exquisite craftsmanship that can be easily seen on the walls. The ceilings have images of deities and Gods. This location has also preserved some of the significant articles related to art, culture, literature, and classical studies. If you want to visit more about the Assamese culture and history than a visit to Kamalabari Satra is a must.

Who is it For:

  1. People who want to experience the artistic, musical, cultural, and religious life of Majuli.
  2. People who want to stay near a good place of worship.
  3. People who want to listen to the morning and evening payers and feel the holy vibes.
  4. Enjoying the calmness of the nightlife while spending some evening time along with the Vaishnav monks learning about the history and culture of Majuli.

#3. Stay near NLK Road

The NLK Road can be termed as one of the most visited roads in Majuli. Often termed as the Jengraimukh Road, it falls in the State Highway 21 passing through Majuli. This road passes through the Dooriya Bridge and it’s so wonderful to enjoy the sight of the village mainland from the bridge. People often call this bridge the cocktail of the village. From the various government offices, restaurants, cottages, to ATMs everything falls on the side of this road. Staying nearby this road can connect you with the other locations of Majuli very easily.

Who is it For:

  1. Best for young travelers and families who would like to go for outing and visit some time along with the locals.
  2. Excellent restaurants and shopping options nearby.
  3. People who want to be centrally-located and want everything in one place.
  4. People who would like to enjoy cycling and fishing nearby, or make the most out of every outdoor activity.

#4. Stay at Tengapania

Tengapania is a very beautiful and mesmerizing location in Majuli. It is a golden temple-like structure that is situated on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. It’s noted for the mesmerizingly pointed pillars and the exquisite statues all around the place. This one is a very fine example of the architectural excellence of the Ahom dynasty. This place is bounded by Dhakuakhana, Machkhoa, and Disangmukh and this indeed makes it a major attraction for the tourists. Being located on the banks of the river Brahmaputra it is one of the famous picnic spots due to its serene location and outstanding architecture. It is a must-visit place in Majuli, as it’s a serene location and the outstanding golden building has so much to offer.

Who is it For:

  1. People who want to go sightseeing.
  2. People who would love to get the glimpses of the ancient Ahom culture of Majuli.
  3. People who would love to find a beautiful picnic spot near the waters of the mighty Brahmaputra river.
  4. Explore the nearby attractions which include the Chetia Gaon, Shamaguri Satra, Bangalpukhari, Ganakkuchi Satra, and the Raja Maidam.

#5. Stay near Dakhinpat Satra

Dakhinpat Satra is a great place for worshipping in Majuli. This Satra is very well-known for its prime religious as well as cultural importance in all over the state. This is also one of the ancient education centers in Majuli that provide various Vaishnavite education. Known its ancient history and was the chief Satra patronized by the Ahom Rulers, it is home to the religious culture of Assam. The festival of Rasotsava on full moon night is celebrated here which is performed here by the various local artists. In the end, this is a must-visit place to get a glimpse of Assamese architecture the cultural glory of the Satras.

Who is it For:

  1. People who want to learn the ancient history of the Ahom dynasty
  2. People who want to enjoy Rasotsava, a famous festival of Assam which can be seen celebrated inside Dakhinpat Satra.
  3. People who want to get the glimpses of the antiques of cultural importance and the various performing arts of Majuli.
  4. People who would like to spend some time with the Bhakats of this Satra who spend their entire life in the devotion of God.

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