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Kalka to Shimla Train Time Table And Fare. Check It Here

Traveling from Kalka to Shimla has been made super easy because of the Kalka-Shimla toy train facility.

Every day hundreds and thousands of passengers use the Kalka-Shimla Toy Train to travel from Kalka to Shimla.

If you want to learn more about it, then you can read this post about the Kalka-Shimla Toy Train.

This Kalka-Shimla railway line is made on a 72.2cm narrow-gauge railway track which passes through the various valleys, mountains, and tunnels of the North-Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The toy train is the best mode of transport if you want to travel from Kalka to Shimla.

Kalka To Shimla Toy Train & Fare
Kalka To Shimla Toy Train & Fare

Here’s the Kalka to Shimla Train Time Table & Fare. Check It Below

Information At Glance

Quick Information

Number of Trains from Kalka to Shimla5 Trains
Distance from Kalka to Shimla By Train97 Km
Fastest train from Kalka to ShimlaShivalik Deluxe (52451)
Slowest Train from Kalka to ShimlaHim Darshan Express (52459)

Kalka To Shimla Toy Train Fare

Coach TypeFare (INR)
First Class (FC) 295-630
Second Sitting (2S) 70
AC Chair Car(CC) 260-130

Kalka To Shimla Toy Train Route

Sl No.DestinationDistance Away
1.Kalka Railway Station0 km
2.Taksal Villages5.5 km
3.Gumman Station10.1 km
4.Koti Railway Station16 km
5.Sonwara26 km
6.Dharampur Railway Station30 km
7.Kumarhati Dagshai40 km
8.Barog Station42 km
9.Solan46 km
10.Salogra53 km
11.Kandaghat59 km
12.Kanoh70 km
13.Kathleeghat73 km
14.Shoghi Railway Station78 km
15.Taradevi85 km
16.Jutogh90 km
17.Summer Hill Station93 km
18.Shimla Railway Station97 km

Trains Between Kalka To Shimla

Train Time Table

TrainTrain No.DepartureArrival
Himalayan Queen5245512:10 PM5:30 PM
KLK SML Pass524573:30 AM8:55 AM
Shivalik Deluxe Express524515:45 AM10:35 AM
KLK SML Express524536:20 AM11:35 AM
Him Darshan Express524597:00 AM12:55 PM

Himalayan Queen (52455) Time Table

Starts FromArrivalDepartureRuns
Kalka – KLK12:10 PMAll Weekdays
Dharampur Himachal – DMP1:42 PM1:47 PMAll Weekdays
Kumarhatti Dagshai – KMTI2:05 PM2:06 PMAll Weekdays
Barog – BOF2:17 PM2:27 PMAll Weekdays
Solan – SOL2:39 PM2:41 PMAll Weekdays
Salogra – SLR3:00 PM3:01 PMAll Weekdays
Kandaghat – KDZ3:17 PM3:21 PMAll Weekdays
Taradevi – TVI4:35 PM4:36 PMAll Weekdays
Jutogh – JTO4:50 PM4:51 PMAll Weekdays
Summer Hill – SHZ5:02 PM5:12 PMAll Weekdays
Shimla – SML5:30 PMAll Weekdays

KLK SML Pass (52457) Time Table

Starts FromArrivalDepartureRuns
Kalka – KLK3:30 AMAll Weekdays
Taksal – TSL3:48 AM3:49 AMAll Weekdays
Gumman – GMM4:03 AM4:04 AMAll Weekdays
Koti – KOTI4:21 AM4:22 AMAll Weekdays
Sonwara – SWO4:50 AM4:51 AMAll Weekdays
Dharampur Himachal – DMP5:09 AM5:14 AMAll Weekdays
Kumarhatti Dagshai – KMTI5:30 AM5:31 AMAll Weekdays
Barog – BOF5:45 AM5:55 AMAll Weekdays
Solan – SOL6:07 AM6:09 AMAll Weekdays
Salogra – SLR6:27 AM6:28 AMAll Weekdays
Kandaghat – KDZ6:44 AM6:48 AMAll Weekdays
Kanoh – KANO7:07 AM07:08 AMAll Weekdays
Kathleeghat – KEJ7:28 AM7:29 AMAll Weekdays
Shoghi – SGS7:45 AM7:46 AMAll Weekdays
Taradevi – TVI8:05 AM8:06 AMAll Weekdays
Jutogh – JTO8:20 AM8:21 AMAll Weekdays
Summer Hill – SHZ8:32 AM8:33 AMAll Weekdays
Shimla – SML8:55 AMAll Weekdays

Shivalik Deluxe Express (52451) Time Table

Starts FromArrivalDepartureRuns
Kalka – KLK5:45 AMAll Weekdays
Taksal – TSL6:01 AM6:01 AMAll Weekdays
Gumman – GMM6:15 AM6:15 AMAll Weekdays
Koti – KOTI6:31 AM6:31 AMAll Weekdays
Sonwara – SWO7:00 AM7:00 AMAll Weekdays
Dharampur Himachal – DMP7:16 AM7:16 AMAll Weekdays
Kumarhatti Dagshai – KMTI7:32 AM7:32 AMAll Weekdays
Barog – BOF7:43 AM7:51 AMAll Weekdays
Solan – SOL8:02 AM8:02 AMAll Weekdays
Salogra – SLR8:23 AM8:23 AMAll Weekdays
Kandaghat – KDZ8:40 AM8:40 AMAll Weekdays
Kanoh – KANO9:00 AM9:00 AMAll Weekdays
Kathleeghat – KEJ9:22 AM9:22 AMAll Weekdays
Shoghi – SGS9:39 AM9:39 AMAll Weekdays
Taradevi – TVI10:00 AM10:00 AMAll Weekdays
Jutogh – JTO10:15 AM10:15 AMAll Weekdays
Summer Hill – SHZ10:25 AM10:25 AMAll Weekdays
Shimla – SML10:35 AMAll Weekdays

KLK SML Express (52453) Time Table

Starts FromArrivalDepartureRuns
Kalka – KLK6:20 AMAll Weekdays
Taksal – TSL6:36 AM6:36 AMAll Weekdays
Gumman – GMM6:50 AM6:50 AMAll Weekdays
Koti – KOTI7:06 AM7:06 AMAll Weekdays
Sonwara – SWO7:36 AM7:36 AMAll Weekdays
Dharampur Himachal – DMP7:52 AM7:54 AMAll Weekdays
Kumarhatti Dagshai – KMTI8:10 AM8:11 AMAll Weekdays
Barog – BOF8:23 AM8:31 AMAll Weekdays
Solan – SOL8:43 AM8:45 AMAll Weekdays
Salogra – SLR9:01 AM9:03 AMAll Weekdays
Kandaghat – KDZ9:20 AM9:24 AMAll Weekdays
Kanoh – KANO9:42 AM9:42 AMAll Weekdays
Kathleeghat – KEJ10:01 AM10:01 AMAll Weekdays
Shoghi – SGS10:17 AM10:18 AMAll Weekdays
Taradevi – TVI10:37 AM10:38 AMAll Weekdays
Jutogh – JTO10:54 AM10:55 AMAll Weekdays
Summer Hill – SHZ11:18 AM11:19 AMAll Weekdays
Shimla – SML11:35 AMAll Weekdays

Him Darshan Express (52459) Time Table

Starts FromArrivalDepartureRuns
Kalka – KLK7:00 AMAll Weekdays
Taksal – TSL7:17 AM7:17 AMAll Weekdays
Gumman – GMM7:31 AM7:31 AMAll Weekdays
Koti – KOTI7:47 AM7:47 AMAll Weekdays
Sonwara – SWO8:18 AM8:18 AMAll Weekdays
Dharampur Himachal – DMP8:34 AM8:34 AMAll Weekdays
Kumarhatti Dagshai – KMTI8:51 AM8:51 AMAll Weekdays
Barog – BOF9:02 AM9:10 AMAll Weekdays
Solan – SOL9:26 AM9:26 AMAll Weekdays
Salogra – SLR9:54 AM9:54 AMAll Weekdays
Kandaghat – KDZ10:17 AM10:17 AMAll Weekdays
Kanoh – KANO10:45 AM10:45 AMAll Weekdays
Kathleeghat – KEJ11:16 AM11:16 AMAll Weekdays
Shoghi – SGS11:39 AM11:39 AMAll Weekdays
Taradevi – TVI12:08 PM12:08 PMAll Weekdays
Jutogh – JTO12:28 PM12:28 PMAll Weekdays
Summer Hill – SHZ12:41 PM12:41 PMAll Weekdays
Shimla – SML12:55 PMAll Weekdays

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