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Traveling To Goa: Is Goa safe for tourists?

Goa is loved by tourists from all over the globe. This beach destination is the perfect holiday spot for your next vacation.

Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea.

Being one of the smallest states in India, it’s also known for its brilliant beaches, food, and of course the wonderful Portuguese heritage.

Is Goa safe for tourists?

The short answer is YES! Goa just like the other popular states of India is an extremely safe place to visit. This is a very tourist-friendly place and is safer than a lot of other places. Just make sure that you follow all of the basic safety precautions that you would already do and will be all safe and secure in Goa.

Overall, if you say it’s a very fantastic destination for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, an excursion tour, or just a couple’s honeymoon trip.

Goa is unarguably one of the most popular and safe tourist spots in India.

So, well! There’s a lot more to learn about its safety norms.

If you are travelling to Goa or you are already in Goa then you must definitely read this post. This will surely get your query cleared!

So, without any further ado let’s know more…

Is Goa safe for female travellers?

Is Goa safe for female travelers? This is the most asked query.

Frankly speaking, Goa is extremely safe for female travellers. Weather you are in a group or you are travelling solo, you don’t have much to worry about as you are traveling to one of the safe place in India.

Your safety totally depends on what you do here. If you’re on a wonderful vacation to just enjoy the place then yes it’s safe for female travellers.

However, if you do want to experiment with things and stuff like walking lonely at midnight, being heavily drunk at the roadside, visiting red-light areas, etc. then it could go wrong and out of safety precautions.

Another, thing to keep in mind is to be away from drug-addicted guys and drugs.

And, it’s highly recommended to keep the emergency contact details just in case you run into trouble.

Many female travelers get well prepared for a perfect weekend trip to Goa. While many start off with just for backpacking.

As the travel date approaches, some (not all) fear about their safety. Well! That’s good to be concerned about your safety.

Often your friends will warn you but, it’s ok to go for the backpacking experience without worrying much about your safety.

You will surely return safe from Goa after a wonderful trip with a lot of travel memories.

Is Goa safe for married couples?

Yes! Definitely. Goa is an extremely safe place for married couples at any time of the year.

Goa being the biggest party place in India you don’t need to worry a lot. Goa is one of the most hospitable places in west India for couples as well.

A honeymoon in Goa may well be the best possible start for your marital life. Due to this, it gets about millions of couples visiting this place every year.

In fact, Goa is one of the top best honeymoon destinations in India. And why not? It has so many romantic destinations like beaches, pubs, adventures, and a lot more to offer.

Honeymoon in Goa is one of the most electrifying experiences couples can have ever.

Talking about safety, there’s not much to worry about for couples.

Remember that half of Goa has been well-flourished due to tourism. It is very peaceful and safe for almost anyone.

It’s that much safe that foreigners also roam on bikini nearby the beaches. Just, think about it!

For a honeymoon trip, places like Morjim, Ashvem in North Goa are best suggested for a stay which is not very crowded and mid-ranged in terms of cost.

If you want more scenic beaches and no nightlife then South Goa would be an extremely good option.

Is Goa safe to visit with family?

Yes! Definitely. Goa is an extremely safe place to visit with your family at any time of the year.

Goa is one of the most family-friendly states in India.

Whether you are traveling with your kids, best buddies, or parents this place has something or someplace for everyone.

From the travelling point of view, Goa is perfect for being an awesome family vacation destination.

Yeah, you may hear some violent crime, drug-related issues, prostitution cases, and police corruption issues in Goa. But, these all happen in very very rare scenarios.

But, if you follow the normal rules and regulations like avoiding beach areas alone at night, swimming at the high water-currents areas at the sea, and a lot more that I will talk later in this post then, Goa is essentially a safe destination for literally any kind of travellers from families to solo ones.

This is one of the safest places for family. But, remember not to experiment with things and stuff like travelling alone at midnight, getting heavily drunk, and of course, visiting the red-light areas, etc. Then it could go wrong and out of safety precautions.

The best advice for travelling in Goa with your family will be to hire a guide or someone to drive you around. Just make sure that you ask your tour operator for an experienced guide.

Although you don’t need to worry a lot as you are already in Goa which is one of the safest places in India. But, according to me “Precaution is always better than cure”.

So, it’s better that you carry emergency contact numbers along with you like those of the police officials.

Is Goa safe for solo travellers?

Yes! Goa is extremely safe to travel for solo travellers as well.

This place is an essential stop for solo backpackers and travelers looking for the best places to go in India for splendid beaches, spirituality, and a conscious living community.

Although people will warn you that Goa may be a bit risky to travel alone. But, that’s not true.

And yes, it cannot be ignored that many strange things have happened to tourists in Goa. But this is not so worse to worry about, as this can happen anywhere.

Solo travel in Goa is perfectly fine. Just keep in mind to follow the recommended safety tips in Goa which you will see below at the end of this post.

The majority part of Goa’s economy comes from the tourism industry. And the many tourists traveling to Goa are solo backpackers and travelers who come here for vacations.

There are many international tourists in Goa and many travellers are visiting alone. Almost more than 1-2 million tourists (both solo and non-solo ones) visit here annually. And, you will be one of those.

So, just think about that.

If Goa wouldn’t have been a safe place then would it be one of the most tourists friendly destinations in India? Of course not, right?

Don’t worry! And smile after knowing about the fact that Goa is absolutely safe for solo travellers as well.

Is Goa safe at night?

No! Not at all. Goa can’t be fully considered safe during the night time.

Mostly for solo female travelers, traveling lonely at night time is very dangerous.

Goa is not at all safe during the night-time after 8 pm because, it’s during this time of the day that the many dark sides of Goa become live. From the various dirty red light areas, drug-accused destinations, crime spots (at very rare scenarios), to the various alcoholic pubs becomes active.

Yeah! If you are in a group of many people then its ok to visit the night clubs almost every night in and around North Goa like Mambos, Titos, Cabana, etc. That means you will be returning late at night maybe around 2-3 am in the morning and, that’s ok.

But for foreigners, it’s better to be extra careful as in any foreign country, at night time after being clubbing sounds stupid. In rare scenarios, chances are there that you can be threatened.

So, make sure that you have already rented a bike or a scooter to get home safely at night as you won’t get a public vehicle at that time.

Moreover, it still sounds a stupid idea for me to travel alone at night time. As there may be many hidden dangers on the roads in Goa.

The daytime is totally fine, no doubt about that.

Common scams in Goa

  1. There are various massage centers at Goa. Among these, there are certain centers that recruit few people to promote their parlors using false claims and promises. They lure teenage guys saying that they provide the happy ending massage with sexual therapies. Kindly note that such a happy ending massage in Goa is completely illegal.
  2. Don’t be lured by the massage parlor guys claiming to provide you with a happy ending massage and so, never ever pay more than the normal massage rates. After you get in, they will just provide you with normal massage and later on, you can’t complain as it is illegal.
  3. Don’t buy weeds from the street roaming group of guys. It usually happens that they will take the money and will hand over you something else.
  4. Organized prostitution is illegal in Goa. There you will find many guys who will approach you claiming that they have many foreign and local girls who will do sex in exchange for money. Don’t be fooled by them and so don’t take any wrong steps.
  5. While inside the casino skip over drinking. They can often try to give you free alcohol while playing and make you high so that you bet bigger amounts and lose. That’s a scammy business so be careful.
  6. Also, be sure that you remain far from the infamous gem scam. This scam in Goa has already looted thousands of Pounds from foreigners.
  7. Be sure while you rent a motorcycle, scooter, or a car. After you return the vehicle the owner may even charge you for the various scratches, dents, and maybe for the other technical motor problems, even though you didn’t cause them.
  8. Whether you want to buy liquor, dresses, or souvenirs don’t ask an auto-driver or a rickshaw driver to take you to a cheap budget-friendly shop. Drivers have their commissions fixed with shops, restaurants, and hotels. So, you may end up paying higher. It’s better that you research a bit, ask your hotel staff or receptionist about such budget-friendly places.

Goa Travel Safety Tips

  1. There are many (not all) dark sites of Goa which are all about drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activities. These places mostly become active at night time. Although, there are many strict laws against such things that doesn’t allow such illegal activities to flourish well in Goa. It’s always suggested that you get rid of such places as many of these are the active ground of various crime scenes happening at rare scenarios.
  2. Yeah! It’s OK not to play gambling but, the only illegal activity which is legal in Goa is Gambling. Gambling can be seen here in the various Casinos.
  3. If you want to do all the legal things like going to a pub, drinking alcohol, wearing a helmet with a license while driving a vehicle, following traffic rules, etc. that’s totally fine.
  4. You will see many girls in bikini sunbathing at the beaches in Goa. Never ever try to drool, tease, and speak bad comments about them. That’s not humanly and of course, it’s illegal.
  5. Don’t drink and drive at Goa. There are strict rules that can place you behind the bars and can even fine you a lot of money all according to the Motor Vehicles Act of Goa.

CONCLUSION: Is Goa safe for tourists?

Yes! Overall, Goa is safe for tourists.

In short,

  • For female travellers, Goa is extremely safe.
  • For married couples, Goa is the honeymooner’s paradise and, its always good and safe to visit Goa at any time of the year.
  • For family and with friends, Goa is an extremely safe place to visit at any time of the year.
  • And for solo travellers, Goa is safe to travel as well. There are many international tourists in Goa and many of the travellers are visiting alone.

Just make sure that you follow all of the normal rules and regulations while being away from the various scams, and you will be all safe to go.

Also, note that, Goa can’t be fully considered safe during the night time. Day time is all ok.

Mostly for solo female travelers, traveling lonely at night time can be very dangerous.


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