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How to plan a trip to Kodaikanal: (All You Need To Know)

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So, are you planning a trip to Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu? If yes, then this is the perfect post to read right now.

If you are thinking of traveling to Kodaikanal then you should know that this is one of the best hill stations perfect for a holiday destination for honeymooners, families, and road trips for friends as well.

Millions of tourists visit this hill station every year. More than 40,000 tourists visit the hill station during peak season while the number comes down to a couple of thousands in the lean season.

Here in this post, you will learn how to plan a perfect trip to Kodaikanal. And, you will also know the proper information to make the best out of the trip.

It’s important that you gather a perfect plan and information beforehand about the things to do, where to stay, and how to travel before you go for the trip. So, this post is the best read for you.

All you need to do is read this complete smart guide and you will be all set to get out for your Kodaikanal trip.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started…

Where is Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal is a very beautiful hill station located in South India in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. This hill station is located in the Dindigul district at the elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level.

This hill station falls in the Pandya Nadu region of Tamil Nadu. Pandya Nadu is an ancient region of South India that includes the part of the Dindigul district.

Its name in the Tamil language means “The Gift of the Forest” and is also referred to as the “Princess of Hill stations”.

It’s a lakeside resort town nestled amidst the rolling slopes of the Palani Hills. Its location and serenity make it a retreat and popular tourist hill destination of India.

This charming place has a population of more than 40,000 people covering a hilly area of about 21.45 sq. km.

How many days are enough for Kodaikanal?

A 3 days trip is just enough for a perfect Kodaikanal trip if you just want to enjoy an awesome holiday covering the main attractions.

All of the major attractions of Kodaikanal that include Bryant Park, Bear Shola Falls, Kodai Lake, Shenbaganur Museum, Silver Cascade, Coaker’s Walk, Pambar Falls, Pillar Rocks, Guna Cave, Moir Point, and Fairy Falls can all be completed within a full 3 days trip.

A 3 days trip will only be enough if you spend a full 3 days in Kodaikanal excluding the travel time you have to spend to reach Kodanaikanl from anywhere in India. In simple words, 3 days are required only in Kodaikanal.

Just in case, you want to enjoy an overall full-fledged trip where you can enjoy all the activities, places, and attractions you need at least 5 days.

For regular tourists who want to do a honeymoon trip, family trip, trip with friends or colleagues, etc. then 3 days will be just fine to do.

A typical Kodaikanal itinerary doesn’t exceed more than 3 days.

Do I need any permission to enter Kodaikanal?

No, you don’t need any type of permission to enter Kodaikanal. It is not a Restricted Area nor a Union Territory like Ladakh, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, etc.

Kodaikanal is open for anybody who wants to explore the beauty of this hill station without any prior permission from any authority.

Kodaikanal hill station can be considered the same just like the other normal locations in India (apart from the Restricted Areas and Union Territories) where anyone can visit and travel freely.

For Indians, it’s okay to travel Kodaikanal just like you travel to any other location within the country apart from the restricted areas.

For Foreigners, if you have the Visa or Permit to enter India then, it’s totally okay to travel to Kodaikanal without any permission.

Keeping aside the topic of permission, you must know that Kodaikanal is not just like the other locations in India. It is a very, very beautiful location than any other place in South India.

Do You Know?

Berijam Lake is the only place in Kodaikanal where you will need to get permission from the Forest Office located near Moonjikal to enter the area.

They have a restriction of 100 vehicles every day. Permission slips are only provided from the forest office and, nowhere else.

The pass to visit Berijam lake is only issued in the morning before 8.00 am and you should collect your pass near the forest office close to the Pillar rocks.

Searching For A Kodaikanal Trip?

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How to reach Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal can be reached very easily from anywhere in Tamil Nadu. This hill station is well-connected from all of the major rail stations, bus stations, and nearby airports.

The very best way to reach Kodaikanal is by road as you can easily get a bus or taxi to reach there. You can catch a TNSTC bus from the main cities of South India to Kodaikanal.

The nearest rail station is Kodaikanal Road Railway Station which is about 100 km away. And, the nearest airport is Madurai Airport which is about 120 km away.

After reaching the nearest rail station or airport, you can very easily take a bus or taxi to reach Kodaikanal within a maximum of 4 to 5 hours journey.

ModeNearest OptionDistance Away
Nearest Airport To KodaikanalMadurai Airport (IXM)120 km
Nearest Airport To KodaikanalTiruchirappalli International Airport (TRZ)150 km
Nearest Railway Station To KodaikanalKodaikanal Road Railway Station (KQN)100 km
Nearest Bus Stand To KodaikanalKodaikanal has its own bus stand at Woodville Road, Kodaikanal which is well-connected to other locations in South India.1.2 km

Best time to visit Kodaikanal

The very best time to visit Kodaikanal is between October to April months of the year. Amongst which the December, January, and February months are considered the best season to explore Kodaikanal.

October to April is the time of the year when the weather remains comfortable and breezy and nature starts showing its full bloom.

However, during the December, January, and February months the year, the winter season arrives at Kodaikanal and it is characterized by chilly weather. The temperature rarely falls below 8°C during this time.

Seasonal time in Kodaikanal:

  • Summer (March-June):  The temperature during this time of the year usually remains between 15°C to 30°C average and its too comfortable, cool and, breezy than the other locations of South India. This gorgeous hill station blossoms during the summer season.
  • Monsoon (July-September): This is not the best time to travel to Kodaikanal. During this time Kodaikanal receives moderate to a high level of rainfall. Tourism gets hindered due to rainfall but nature blooms so well for the post-monsoon sightseeing.
  • Winter (October-March): This is the time when a lot of tourists visit Kodaikanal and the peak season usually falls at these months of the year. The temperature ranges between 8°C and 28°C and is characterized by bright and quite pleasant weather. This is the best season for sightseeing and doing various adventurous activities.
SeasonAverage Min/Max TemperatureTypeRecommedation
Summer (March to June)15-30°CWarm & Breezy(Shoulder Season) A travel period between peak and off-peak seasons
Monsoon (July to September)20-28°CModerate to Sometimes Heay Rainfall(Off Season) Better not to travel during this time
Winter (October to March)8-28°CChilly(Peak Season)
Best time to visit and majority of the tourists visit during this time

Kodai Resort Hotel, Kodaikanal
Kodai Resort Hotel, Kodaikanal

Where to stay in Kodaikanal?

Well, there are so many wonderful locations to stay in the Kodaikanal. The hill station itself is so beautiful, and the scenic views that you will enjoy from the hotels are so awesome.

This makes it not only a place to tour but with the nature as well.

So, there are some are budget-friendly, while others are luxurious accommodations in Kodaikanal. It totally depends on the type of stay you want.

Here, I have researched and have found out some of the best hotels and resorts to stay in Kodaikanal from Booking.com.

Read the reviews, see the pictures, and book it ASAP so that you don’t miss your preferred hotel room at the scheduled time of the trip.

These are some of the best hotels/resorts in Kodaikanal:

  • Kodai Resort Hotel: Kodai Resort Hotel offers picturesque views and accommodation situated just 1 km away from Kodai Lake. It has well-designed and awesome cottages that are equipped with free WiFi. It is situated just 200 m from the beautiful Bryant Park and is just 1 km away from Boathouse, a popular tourist destination.
  • The Carlton Kodaikanal: This is another perfect accommodation. You will literally experience world-class service at the Carlton Kodaikanal hotel. The location too is mesmerizing. It is situated by the Kodaikanal Lake and just a 10-minute walk to the famous Bryant Park and Coakers Walk. This is indeed one of the top locations to stay in Kodaikanal.
  • The Tamara Kodai: An awesome place that will provide you with an awesome stay. The Tamara Kodai provides accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness centre. This place has a great ambiance and location setting. In every minute the details are just amazing.
  • Hotel Kodai International: This hotel is located at a scenic spot near the beautiful Kodaikanal Lake and the famous Coakers Walk Hilltop. Each room here will provide you with a cable TV, a balcony and a seating area with sofa. At Hotel Kodai International you will find a fitness centre as well.

Did you find your ideal hotel? Well! You will. There are so many awesome places to stay in Kodaikanal. The best trips of one’s life stay close to the heart, always. And the memories are always on the mind, aren’t they?

So, what’s next?

Is Kodaikanal worth visiting?

Yes definitely, Kodaikanal is worth visiting. The main reason why Kodaikanal is worth the visit because the best of nature can still be seen here and it has still maintained its long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination.

It is seen that, while most of the hill stations have become over-crowded with less greenery, Kodaikanal still retains nature and its blomming glory.

It is famous for so many things. Kodaikanal can be visited throughout the year, but the ideal time to visit is in the winter season between October and March.

While other locations in South India remain hot and warm but, Kodaikanal maintains its breezy cool, and comfortable weather all throughout the year.

Loaded with charm, Kodaikanal has housed an abundance of natural wonders in itself. Places like Kodaikanal Lake, Silver Cascade Falls, Bryant Park, Dolphins Nose, Green Valley View, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Thalaiyar Falls, Berijam Lake, Canopy Hill, Pambar Falls, Coakers Walk and many more are the prime destinations that makes it worth the visit.

Moreover, as the name of this place means ‘The Gift of the forest’ is openly promoting the grace of lush green landscapes, cultivated hills, and roaring waterfalls. This is how Kodaikanal is the second most visited place in Tamil Nadu.

This place is nice, heavenly, nature’s blessings, green, cool, and worth a short visit. You will feel like visiting a gem of India.

You should absolutely visit Kodaikanal. It’s worth the trip.

Pillar Rocks Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
Pillar Rocks Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

The best Kodaikanal Trip Itinerary

The best 3 Days Kodaikanal Trip Itinerary should cover:

  • Places in Kodaikanal: Coaker’s Walk, Kodai Lake, Bryan’s Park, Bear Shola Waterfall, Lutheran Church, Chettiyar Park, Devil’s Kitchen, Pillar Rocks, Dolphin Nose, Echo Point, Mountain View, Liril Falls, and Vattakanal Falls.

Kodaikanal Trip Itinerary:

DAY 1:

  • You will arrive in Kodaikanal.
  • Next, Check-in to your hotel. If you haven’t booked one then, you can book if from (Booking.com) at pretty affordable rates.
  • Freshen up yourself, and get ready to explore Kodaikanal.
  • First, visit Coaker’s Walk and enjoy an awesome leisure walk between 12 pm to 1 pm.
  • Next after that, visit Kodai Lake. You can enjoy boating, cycling, or taking a leisurely walk there.
  • After that visit Bryan’s Park. It is situated on the eastern side of the Kodai Lake.
  • Later, return to the hotel and have your Dinner and stay overnight at the hotel.

DAY 2:

  • Next day morning wake up early and have your breakfast and proceed for sightseeing.
  • This full-day you will dedicate it to the complete Kodaikanal tour.
  • Visit Bear Shola Waterfall. You can trek a little around the place, or just sit and observe the scenic place.
  • Then after a while head over to Lutheran Church and Chettiyar Park just located nearby. Spend 2 hours there
  • After 2 hours, head over to Berijam Lake. Spend 1-2 hours there. (Assuming that you have collected the pass and got your permit which is not always possible as they have a limit to the entry of tourists and various other restrictions)
  • Next, while you return back to the hotel room, head over to Devil’s Kitchen and Pillar Rocks. Make sure that you visit there before 4-5 pm so that that you can spend at least 1-2 hours there.
  • Later, return to your hotel room and have your Dinner and stay overnight at the hotel.

DAY 3:

  • Next day morning wake up early and have your breakfast and proceed for sightseeing.
  • The next morning, head to the popular tourist places like Dolphin Nose, Echo Point, and Mountain View which are located nearby.
  • Next, visit Liril Falls and Vattakanal Falls and enjoy the scenes.
  • Later on, return to the Kodaikanal town in the evening and spend some time shopping at the local markets, buying chocolates and souvenirs if you want.
  • Return back to your hotel room and stay overnight at the hotel.
  • On Day 4 check-out of your hotel room depart back to your hometown.

That’s all folks! You will enjoy the best of Kodaikanal. Just follow this itinerary.

Actual timings may vary. This itinerary is just for an idea.

Kodaikanal Hill Temple
Kodaikanal Hill Temple

Cost to travel Kodaikanal

Is a Kodaikanal trip expensive?

No, Kodaikanal is not so expensive to travel as people normally think. But, it can become moderately expensive if you travel during the peak season, as the hotel fares can go a bit high sometimes depending on the tourist count.

Traveling to Kodaikanal can be a bit costly in some cases. Nevertheless, if you think in all aspects of tourism I think it’s okay to stay for a few days at an affordable cost.

For budget travelers, it’s okay. There’s nothing so much to worry about as you have also got many pocket-friendly accommodations as well below ₹ 1,100 per day room rent.

If you are traveling via, flight then the cost can go for. So, for budget-conscious travelers, I suggest opting for trains or buses.

And moreover, the various adventure activities and hotel rooms can be a bit costly during the peak season time. So, take notice of that as well!

For mid-range and luxury-travelers there’s almost no issue to travel at all in terms of price. They will find the total cost of the tour and the various activities overall pocket-friendly.

In simple words, if you ask me, I should say it is the best place to explore and witness the beauty of nature and its surrounding, at the best nominal rates possible.

The only cost that can be high is the travel fare and the adventure activities but, then so it’s bearable.

Cost of accommodation

Budget Hotel Room₹ 900-3,500
Mid-range Hotel Room₹ 4,000-6,000
Luxury Hotel Room₹ 6,000-12,000+

Cost of travel and transportation

Flights Tickets (One-way flight) to reach the nearest airport to Kodaikanal₹ 3,000-12,000
Train Tickets to reach the nearest rail station to Kodaikanal₹ 200-2,000
Bus Tickets to reach Kodaikanal₹ 650-1,500
Auto-rickshaw₹ 20-40
Taxi₹ 20 per km minimum

Cost of adventure activities

Camping₹ 850-3,000
Trekking (with guide)₹ 1,000-3,000
Boating in the lakeWithin ₹ 100-400
Sightseeing ToursStarts from ₹ 1,000
Horse and Bicycle Ride nar Kodaikanal LakeWithin ₹ 100-400

Overall, How much money do you need per day to tour Andaman?

Budget travelerRs. 1150-2400Rs. 2000-3000Rs. 2900-4200
Mid-range travelerRs. 2500-4200Rs. 3500-5200Rs. 5000-7300
High-end travelerRs. 8600-15400Rs. 1200-18000Rs. 14500-21300

All the prices showed above are estimated based on research, idea, and knowledge. Only the average costs are shown above. It may not be accurate and the cost of traveling can even be low or high than the above-mentioned rates. The cost of traveling totally depends on the expenditure and the type of traveler you are. So, take your decisions wisely.

Activities to enjoy during your Kodaikanal trip

1 Camping: You can do camping in Kodaikanal. Camping is one of the most loved activities done by the various adventure seekers throughout the year. The location being nestled amongst the lush green landscapes, sparkling lakes, high hills, and breathtaking forests make it an awesome place for camping and enjoying nature’s lap.

2 Trekking: Kodaikanal is really very best for trekkers alike. It is the best trekking spot for both beginners and professionals. Trekking places in Kodaikanal take trekkers through grasslands, eucalyptus trees, terrace gardens, gentle waterfalls, green meadows, flower beds, deep valleys, soothing streams, tumbling hillsides, and Shola forests. Everything is so perfect there. Trekkers literally love it.

3 Nature Walks: Spend some leisure time with your friends, family, or loved ones. Gossip and walk through the nature trails of the beautiful lands of Kodaikanal. Coaker’s Walk is the best place for a nature walk. You will see so many lovely views of the surrounding environment along with the views of the valleys and surrounding hills.

4 Boating: You will love the charming views and the surroundings while you sail on the lake. The fog, lovely weather, nature, and overall the surrounding environment boasts so well about its pristine beauty. If you visit there during the winter season then, you can go to Kodai Lake for a beautiful boating experience that is sure to put some romantic vibes in you.

What is Kodaikanal famous for?

  • Above everything else, the main attraction of Kodaikanal is the star-shaped Kodai Lake which occupies an area of 60 acres and is surrounded by a fine tarred road of 5 km length.
  • It’s best for Panoramic views. A visit to the Coaker’s Walk is a must for all Kodaikanal visitors who want to have a grand view of the plains of Madurai.
  • This place is best known for its honeymoon and romantic trips with your loved ones. Staying in the hill view resorts and enjoying the romantic locations in Kodaikanal can make your trip a memorable one.
  • This place also famous for a trip to witness some of the most amazing and wonderful waterfalls like Fairy Falls, Bear Shola Falls, and Silver cascade.
  • It’s famous for its exotic tourist locations, mostly famous for its hills and beautiful natural sightseeing.
  • Kodaikanal is well-known for its breathtaking nature-walks, camping and trekking adventures, cycling through the pristine routes, valley view, boating on the lake, and a lot more kind of stuff.

Tips while traveling for Kodaikanal

  1. The climate in Kodaikanal is quite cool. So, make sure to carry warm clothes with you. Sometimes even in the summer, the temperatures can still easily dip toward freezing.
  2. Make sure that you pre-book your hotels 1-2 months before the trip, mainly during the peak season. Kodaikanal attracts a lot of tourists all throughout the year. So, chances are there that you may not get accommodation if you don’t book early.
  3. For easy travel, it’s always better that you take a train or flight to the nearest Railway Station or Airport accordingly. And, from there hire a bus to reach Kodaikanal. That’s the best-recommended way of travel.
  4. Also, make sure to pre-book your flights 2 weeks early before the trip. Pre-book your train tickets 1 week before the trip and, bus tickets 3 days before the trip.
  5. Ask the locals and take their guidance before going on any adventurous activities like trekking, horse-riding, etc. Since the area is a hilly terrain, it can become a little more difficult to cope up with.
  6. Water samples from Kodaikanal Lake have proven to be contaminated with high levels of mercury, along with lichens and mosses. So avoid using the waters as far as possible.
  7. Rent a bicycle if you can. Bicycle rentals are easily available in Kodaikanal. The bicycle is indeed the best mode of transport within the town as it is cheap. And above all, it’s so adventurous to ride a bicycle in such awesome hilly terrain.
  8. If you want to visit places like Devil’s Kitchen, be sure to take a guide with you. Be careful while visiting this place as its dangerously deep.
  9. Before traveling to the high hilltop locations and valleys kindly make sure to avoid visiting before 10 am or after 4 pm mostly during the winter-time. During this time, these places normally tend to be covered with mist and so becomes difficult to walk and look forward and so, you may end up committing fatal mistakes.


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