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Let’s Know: How Many Days Are Enough To Visit Kodaikanal?

So, if you are still thinking about your upcoming trip to Kodaikanal then, my friend this is the perfect post to read right now.

It’s true that Kodaikanal, is a perfect destination for an awesome honeymoon, friends, or indeed a family trip. It’s is a very pristine location in Tamil Nadu.

But, in order to enjoy this destination, you must at least have the recommended number of days that can make your trip a memorable one.

A 3 days trip will be just enough to visit Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal has a lot of nature and beauty to see. So, if you spend 3 days there you will explore and enjoy yourself a lot.

If in case, you spend less than 3 days, there are chances that you will be missing a lot of places or you have to spend less time in each location to cope up with the time.

So, it’s better that if you want to have a perfect time in a perfect location, then plan at least with a 3 days trip in hand as recommend.

There’s a lot more to know. So, keep reading…

How many days do you need for a Kodaikanal trip?

You will need a 3-days trip to go for a perfect trip to Kodaikanal. In more simple words, a detailed Kodaikanal Trip Itinerary must include a minimum of 3 days tour anyhow or you will miss a lot.

Anyways, a 3 days trip will be just enough for a perfect Kodaikanal trip if you just want to enjoy an awesome holiday covering the main attractions.

The awesome places that you will be able to cover during your 3 days trip are Coaker’s Walk, Kodai Lake, Bryan’s Park, Bear Shola Waterfall, Lutheran Church, Chettiyar Park, Devil’s Kitchen, Pillar Rocks, Dolphin Nose, Echo Point, Mountain View, Liril Falls, and Vattakanal Falls.

A 3 days trip will only be enough if you spend 3 days in Kodaikanal excluding the travel time you have to spend to reach Kodaikanal from anywhere in India. In simple words, 3 days are required only in Kodaikanal.

Just in case, you want to enjoy an overall full-fledged trip where you can enjoy all the activities, places, and attractions you need at least 5 days.

Are 2 days enough for Kodaikanal?

Yes, you can go for a 2 days trip to Kodaikanal but, that won’t be so awesome and leisurely.

So, it’s recommended not to opt for that as you can’t spend much time in each location as you have to cope up with time.

Or, if you have planned only to visit a few places that are not very far from the center of Kodaikanal like Coaker’s Walk, Kodai Lake, Bryan’s Park, Bear Shola Waterfall, Lutheran Church, and Chettiyar Park then, literally it’s okay to go for a 2 days trip to Kodaikanal.

If you are traveling from a place like Bangalore or Hyderabad or any other location by overnight train you would reach there the next day mid-morning. So, in that case, you will need at least 2 nights and 3 days.

Many of the tour providers have 2 days itinerary for Kodaikanal. During the 2 days itinerary, they will cover some of the main places like Kodai Lake, Bryant Park, Bear Shola Falls, Shenbaganur Museum, Silver Cascade, Coaker’s Walk, Pambar Falls, Pillar Rocks, Guna Cave, Moir Point, and Fairy Falls in a short time.

This 2-day short trip won’t give you a good amount of time to explore each location.

As usual, if Kodaikanal is not the place you often visit then, you need to make sure that you get the most of it.

So, 3 days are recommended. And, opt for a 2 days trip if and only if you are in a hurry and want to cover the major places quickly.

Is one day enough for Kodaikanal?

No, one day is not at all enough to visit Kodaikanal. If you are planning for a one day trip then stop, or you will miss a majority amount of wonderful locations in Kodaikanal.

If you want to get the best of your trip then 3 days is recommended for a leisure trip.

Or, if you want to complete the trip in a short period of time then go for a 2 days trip.

If you are here just to do a little bit of sightseeing and want to relax yourself from the hustle and bustle of your daily life than a road trip for a day to Kodaikanal is good.

Yes, somehow you can cover the important locations in a single day. But, it would be a hectic trip as you may not have sufficient time at various spots.

I would recommend, a one day stay in Kodai while covering a trip to the places in two days. That is far, far, and far better than a 1-day trip.

Only a few of the places can be visited during your 1-day trip. These places are Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Dolphin Nose, Mountain Valley View, Vattakanal Waterfalls, Pillar rock, and Guna caves.

So, it would be very hectic and you have to continue without pause. So, it is suggested not to go for a 1-day trip.

Which is the best time to visit?

The very best time to visit Kodaikanal is between October to April months of the year. Amongst which the December, January, and February months are considered the best season to explore Kodaikanal.

Summer (March to June)15-30°CWarm & Breezy(Shoulder Season) A travel period between peak and off-peak seasons
Monsoon (July to September)20-28°CModerate to Sometimes Heay Rainfall(Off Season) Better not to travel during this time
Winter (October to March)8-28°CChilly(Peak Season)
Best time to visit and majority of the tourists visit during this time

How to plan a 3 days trip to Kodaikanal?

  • No. of recommended days for a leisure tip: 3+ Days
  • No. of recommended days for a short tip: 2 Days
  • No. of days required to enjoy all activities, places, and attractions: 5 days
  • Best time to visit: October to April
  • Nearest Airport to Kodaikanal: Madurai Airport (IXM), 120 km away
  • Nearest Railway Station To Kodaikanal: Kodaikanal Road Railway Station (KQN), 100 km away
  • Nearest Bus Stand To Kodaikanal: Woodville Road, Kodaikanal, 1.2 km away
  • Where to stay: Kodai Resort Hotel, The Carlton Kodaikanal, The Tamara Kodai, Hotel Kodai Internationa. To see more hotels/resorts (CLICK HERE➜)
  • Cost to travel: For Budget traveler (₹ 1150-2400 per day), For Mid-range traveler(₹ 2500-4200 per day), For High-end traveler (₹ 8600-15400 per day)

So, Want To Know In Detail How To Plan A Trip To Kodaikanal

If you want more information on how to plan a perfect trip to Kodaikanal. And, also want to know the proper information to make the best out of the trip, and many more…


Kodaikanal 3 Days Trip Itinerary

Kodaikanal Trip Itinerary:

DAY 1:

  • You will arrive in Kodaikanal.
  • Next, Check-in to your hotel. See awesome hotels at (Booking.com).
  • First, visit Coaker’s Walk.
  • Second visit Kodai Lake. You can enjoy boating, cycling, or taking a leisurely walk there.
  • Third Visit Bryan’s Park.
  • Later, return to the hotel.

DAY 2:

  • The next day visit Bear Shola Waterfall.
  • Head over to Lutheran Church and Chettiyar Park just located nearby.
  • Head over to Berijam Lake. (Assuming that you have collected the pass beforehand.)
  • Next, visit Devil’s Kitchen and Pillar Rocks.
  • Later, return to your hotel room.

DAY 3:

  • The next morning, visit Dolphin Nose, Echo Point, and Mountain View.
  • Visit Liril Falls and Vattakanal Falls.
  • Later on, go shopping in the local markets.
  • Return back to your hotel room and stay overnight there.
  • On Day 4 check-out of your hotel room and depart back to your hometown.

That’s all folks! You will enjoy the best of Kodaikanal. Just follow this itinerary. Actual timings may vary.


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