Can You Travel To India Without A Passport?

Various tourists often think that it’s very easy to enter India. But, the fact is that it isn’t so easy.

Whenever anyone is travelling to India, let it be an Indian or Foreign national, they need to produce an internationally accepted identity to enter India.

A passport is an internationally accepted document that grants the holder official permission to enter, leave, or stay in a country for a specified time period.

Can you travel to India without a passport?

No, you can’t travel to India without a passport. Foreign Nationals coming to India are required to have their own country’s genuine and valid national passport. And, Indian citizens travelling to India need a valid Indian passport to prove his/her citizenship in order to enter India.

Indian nationals travelling abroad require a valid Indian passport and travel authority (Visa) for the destination country.

In the same way, Foreigners travelling to India need to have a valid passport of their country and travel authority (Visa) for India.

But, the nationals from Nepal and Bhutan doesn’t need any Indian passport to enter India. However, they are required to possess, authorized identity proof.

Further, if they are entering India from a place other than their own country then possession of their national passport is a must.

So, Is passport required to travel in India?

For Indian citizens, who are travelling within India doesn’t need any type of passport to travel.

But, Foreigners who are traveling within India do need to have and show their passport whenever the need arises to prove their foreign citizenship.

For Indians

Indian citizens who are travelling by bus, train, even by flight, or want to stay in a hotel room doesn’t need any type of Indian Passport.

For domestic travel within India, valid photo identification proofs namely a passport, Income Tax PAN Card, Voter’s ID, or even a Driving license is mandatory.

Any other relevant concessionary fare IDs should be carried as they need to be displayed if required.

For Foreigners

Foreign Nationals coming to India are required to possess a genuine and valid national passport or any other internationally recognized travel document establishing his/her nationality and identity and bearing photograph of the foreigner.

For Foreign Nationals, the only valid photo ID for travel within India is their Passport.

However, they are required to possess any other authorized identity proofs as well, if in case the need arises.

Make sure you keep it handy and safe, losing it can bring trouble to you.

Which nationals are allowed to travel to India without a Passport?

Only nationals from Nepal and Bhutan are allowed to travel to India without a Passport or Visa, if and only if they are arriving from their respective countries only. Remember, it’s only for Nepal and Bhutan nationals only, but with some exceptions.

For Nepalese Passenger

A citizen of Nepal doesn’t require any Passport or Visa to enter India. They are free to enter.

But, if any Nepalese Passenger is entering or exiting India from or to a place other than Nepal then, he/she must have a valid Passport to enter India.

On the other hand, if a Nepalese Passenger is entering India from China, Macau, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Maldives then, he/she must have a Visa for India but not the Passport.

For Bhutanese Passenger

Same as a Nepalese passenger, a citizen of Bhutan doesn’t require any Passport or Visa to enter India. They are free to enter.

If any Bhutanese Passenger is entering/exiting India from/to a place other than Bhutan then, he/she must have a valid Passport to enter India.

On the other hand, if a Bhutanese Passenger is entering India from China, Macau, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Maldives then, he/she must have only the Visa for India.

How is the immigration system in India?

There are various general information and guidelines that every foreigner or Indian entering India must know.

These rules are how the Burueu Of Immigration of India works and does its work regarding all kinds of checklists that one has to undergo in order to travel to India from any Foreign land.

1. Immigration check is conducted for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure in or from India. They have to show their Passport and Visa during this check.

2. The passports of the individual are duly stamped with proper information at the time of arrival as well as departure.

3. The stamp in the passport is very mandatory after arrival and before departure, and one must make sure that it’s done.

4. If inadvertently, an immigration stamp is not affixed by the counter officer at the immigration check-post, the passenger may immediately contact the concerned FRRO/FRO/SSP and get the same affixed on his/her passport to avoid inconvenience at the time of next travel abroad.

5. Foreigners arriving in India are required to fill Arrival Cards only while Indians have to fill Departure Cards at the time of Departure.

6. The Name, Date of Birth, Passport No., Address, Flight No., Date of Arrival, Date of Boarding must be duly filled in the Arrival Cards or Departure Cards before leaving or entering India.

How to travel to India without Passport? (Only for Indian Citizens)

Yeah, cases can be often heard that people often lose their Indian Passport so they are no able to return back to India.

Well this part of this post is for them!

So, What to do if your Indian Passport is lost or damaged?

If Indian nationals somehow ever lose their passports or for some reason do not have access to it, they can still travel back home to India without this valid travel document.

If such a case of loss of passport occurs, they must contact the Indian Embassy as soon as possible.

On cases of loss or damage of passport the traveller can also immediately report it to the nearest Indian Mission or at nearest Visa service Center as well.

The officials will soon show you the way to re-apply and re-issue of the passport.

You need to submit the required documents along with your passport application form newly.

So, the eligible officials at the Indian embassy will assist and give the required travel documents to go back home.

If in case they provide you with a temporary passport then, kindly make sure that after visiting India you again apply for a new passport.

A passport is a must if you are travelling abroad. It helps identify that you are the citizen of that particular country from of which you are holding the passport.


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