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(Alleppey Itinerary) – How To Spend 3 Days In Alleppey?

So, you want to plan a trip to Alleppey? Or, you may have already made the decision to plan your trip.

Well, then this is the very perfect post to read right now. You will know how to plan your trip and spend 3 wonderful days in Alleppey.

Here, I will guide you to a complete 3 days Alleppey trip itinerary. This is the best itinerary one can opt for to complete the overall best tour of Alleppey.

Well, a 3 Days trip will be just enough for a perfect trip to Alleppey. So, you will need at least a minimum of 3 days to visit the majority of the places in Alleppey and have a leisure and comfortable tour.

But, if you fully want to enjoy a good trip to Alleppey then, it totally depends on how much time you want to spend there. A typical Alleppey itinerary doesn’t exceed more than 3 days.

If in case, you want a more detailed trip covering all of the places with various outdoor activities like kayaking, boating, parasailing, wildlife tour, etc. then you will need at least 5 days.

This post is completely dedicated to the perfect itinerary that you will need in order to have an awesome 3 days trip to Alleppey which is often common amongst various travelers.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it…

3 Days Alleppey Trip Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Spend in a houseboat cruise

  1. Reach Alleppey by morning
  2. Next check-in to your Houseboat. The check-in time for houseboats in Alleppey is usually from 11 am. The boat starts at 12 pm
  3. The houseboats usually provide a round trip itinerary through the core backwater area in and around Alleppey
  4. The various tour itinerary the houseboats provide are: Alleppey Round trip, Alleppey to Kuttanad, Alleppey to Thottapally, Alleppey to Kumarakom, Alleppey to Kollam, etc
  5. You will have an overnight stay in the houseboat. Usually, the Check-out time is 9 am the next day

Day 2: Local Sightseeing

  1. Check-out of the houseboat at around 9 am in the morning
  2. Next Check-in to your hotel/resort. Remember, the usual check-in time is after 12 pm
  3. So, the time between 9 am to 12 pm you can go for shopping if you like. Famous places for shopping in Alleppey are St. Thomas Fine Arts, Canal Bazar, Floating Triveni
  4. Visit Pathiramanal Island
  5. Visit Alleppey Beach

Day 3: The last day trip

  1. Visit Revi Karunakaran Museum
  2. Visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  3. Next Check-out of your hotel room
  4. Now, it’s the end of your trip. It’s time to depart back to your hometown

Day 1 in Alleppey

Itinerary for Day 2: Spend in a houseboat cruise

  1. Book a houseboat cruise.
  2. Go for an Alleppey Round trip on the houseboat cruise.
  3. You can enjoy an overnight stay inside the houseboat.
A houseboat cruise in the Kerala backwaters
A houseboat cruise in the Alleppey, Kerala backwaters

Book a houseboat cruise

So, on Day 1 after arrival at Alleppey the first thing you can do is to book a houseboat. If you have pre-booked than it will be super-cool.

Booking a houseboat in Alleppey online is easy. You can very easily book it in advance.

  • You can use Viator.com (a Tripadvisor Company) to book your Alleppey houseboat. They provide the Lowest price guarantee along with a Reserve now & pay later policy. You can reserve your spot and can pay any time you want before two days of your trip if you book from Viator. (CLICK HERE to book from Viator.com)
  • My recommendation is to search the best, check the reviews, and book your houseboat from Booking.com. They have made it easier for everyone to experience the best houseboat possible with very few cancellation rates and awesome reviews. (CLICK HERE to book from Booking.com)
  • You can also try booking from GetYourGuide.com. They offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity starts. In case, you find a better deal, you can cancel it later. (CLICK HERE to book from GetYourGuide)

Kindly Note: Make sure you book your houseboat in advance because it might not be available when you want to book on the spot due to more demand and less supply on peak seasons.

The price of the houseboats also increases with the availability and demand of the boats. So, it’s better that you pre-book your houseboat trip in advance.

If in case you want to book on spot, it’s better you visit the houseboat starting point/boarding point in Alleppey.

The famous boat boarding points are Alleppey finishing point, Pallathuruthy Boarding point, and Punnamada Boat Jetty.

Alleppey finishing point is the most crowded houseboat boarding point in Alleppey. You will find here many houseboats waiting for you to be booked. This is the nearest starting point from Alleppey Town, bus stand, and railway station.

So, Want To Know How To Find The Best Houseboats In Alleppey

If you want more information on how to choose the best houseboat, know the types of houseboats, where and how-to book, etc…etc…


Go for a houseboat trip

Now! It’s time to get on your houseboat. 11 am is actually the check-in time.

All houseboats in Kerala (Alleppey) usually keep their houseboat ready by 11.30 am for check-in.

After the guests had checked-in, the cruise will start at 12 noon.

The majority of houseboats are available in Alleppey and these are mostly hired from Alleppey. Alleppey is the gateway to the backwaters between Kochi and Kollam.

So, the houseboats usually provide a round trip itinerary through the core backwater area in and around Alleppey. However, it’s also possible to do one-way trips, such as from Alleppey to Kottayam, Alleppey to Kumarakom, etc.

These houseboats will take on a tour from Alleppey to locations like Kumarakom, Kottayam, and Alumkadavu (near Kollam) through the vast networks of beautiful backwaters.

The major houseboat routes

The following routes are provided just for the sake of information. It can change depending on the houseboat cruise.

So, if you book a houseboat cruise for an overnight stay then, you will leave the boarding point at around 12 pm and should return back at the same location at around 9 am the next day.

Houseboat Cruise RouteLocations Covered
Alleppey Round TripThis is the most common route and is recommended for the Day 1 trip.

Places covered are Karumadi kuttan, Kanjipadam lake, Champakulam church, Nedumudimkottaram Bhagavathi temple, Munnathumugham, and Vattakayal.
Alleppey to KuttanadVisit Paddy fields, Thottappally, Nudmudy, and Thakazhi village.
Alleppey to ThottapallyPlaces covered are Punnamada Lake, Pallathuruthi, Kanjipadam, Karumadikuttan, and you will have an overnight stay at Thottapalli.

Overnight stay in the houseboat

If you have booked an overnight stay, you can stay inside the boat. Dinner will be provided there.

Although, after 5:30 pm the boat will not move anymore. It will stay near the berth just stable and floating on the water.

The next day all the houseboats give minimum an hour ride before the check-out time of 9 am for those who have stayed overnight.

Staying in a houseboat in Alleppey is totally worth the cost, enjoyment, and luxury feeling.

You will feel like staying away from the hustles and bustle of daily life amidst the calm and pristine backwaters of Alleppey.

You can enjoy both sightseeing and tour as the houseboat sails through the network of backwaters.

It’s like accomodating a moving house that sails through the pristine scenic surrounding along the network of backwaters.

So, taking a houseboat cruise on Day 1 will literally be the best part of your itinerary.

Find the best houseboats in Alleppey at affordable rates. With no booking fees & you get the last minute availability.

Day 2 in Alleppey

Itinerary for Day 2: Go for local sightseeing

  1. Go for shopping
  2. Check-in to a hotel or resort
  3. Visit Pathiramanal Island
  4. Visit Alleppey Beach

Go for Shopping

Yes! Alleppey may not be so famous tourist destination. So, the main idea here is to just tour through the busy streets and markets for a while to understand how life actually runs in this beautiful town.

You will find that there’s no such chaos and hustle. Everyone is worry busy, the surrounding is peaceful which you won’t find other locations of Kerala.

While you will be roaming through the markets you can opt to buy various things. Alleppey is famous for its spices, coir, and carpets, so many tourists often end up buying these products from shops that sell them at bargain prices.

The best places for shopping in Alleppey are:

Market PlaceLocationFamous For
St. Thomas’ Fine ArtsChampakulamWooden statues, icons, and handicrafts
Mullakkal Street MarketMullakalA variety of things like handicrafts, metal utensils, gold and silver stuffs, etc
Canal BazaarMain city centreWonderfully flavored spices
Floating Triveni MarketVembanad LakeShop on floating boats that sells spices, clothes, and coir products

Check-in to your hotel or resort

Once your houseboat cruise and later shopping or touring the markets are over, you can check-in to your hotel room.

It depends on you where you want to stay. There are hotels, lakeside resorts, and even hostels in Alleppey cratering to the accomodation needs of every visitors.

If you have booked your stay online you will know the check-in and check-out time. Or in case, if you don’t, you may contact the hotel yourself, they will let will know.

As the rule of thumb, the normal check-in time is between 12 pm to 3 pm and, the check-out time is between 11 pm to 1 pm. This is common practice amongst the hotels.

There in Alleppey, you can opt to stay near the Alleppey beach and enjoy the beach view or, stay in a lakeside view resort or, you can even opt for the budget-friendly hostels as well.

Recommendation: Use (Booking.com →) to book your hotels. They offer free cancellation on nearly all rooms, good reviews to check, and clear pricing with no hidden fees in the hotel price.

Where To Stay In Alleppey

Well, the place of accommodation totally depends on what type of facilities, recreational activities, and views you choose for.

So, selecting a perfect place to stay can make your holiday super-duper amazing.

Want to know the best places to stay in Alleppey?


Visit Pathiramanal Island

LocationVembanad Lake
Type of placeA small island on the backwaters
Duration of visit2-3 hours
Entry feeNot required
Visiting time6 AM – 6 PM
Good forSightseeing, bird watching, picnic

Do you know that Pathiramanal Island is the bird watcher’s paradise? It is home to many rare varieties of migratory birds from different parts of the world.

Data says that this place is home to about 91 local species of birds and 50 migratory birds. Yes, this literally makes it the bird lovers’ heaven.

Once you reach this place you will come across the sound of the chirping birds.

The houseboat cruise can take you to a tour of the Pathiramanal Island through the Vembanad Lake route, but you can’t enter the island.

However, if you want to enter the Island and explore its beauty make sure you wake up early morning and reach the boating/ferry station before 6 am. Take a boat from there to take you to the island.

If in case you need any help, ask your hotel staff and they will guide you.

The island is about 1.5 km away from the Muhamma Boat Jetty and about 13 km from Alappuzha center.

You can only reach there by boat. A 1.5-hour motorboat ride or a 30-minutes speedboat trip from Alleppey gets you there very easily.

This Pathiramana island falls in the Muhamma panchayat of the Alappuzha district. The name Pathiramanal means ‘midnight sand’.

Visit Alleppey Beach

LocationAlleppey Coastline
Type of placeBeach
Duration of visit1-2 hours
Entry feeNot required
Visiting time6 am to 6 pm
Good forLeisure walk, sightseeing, adventure

The Alleppey beach is yet another popular attraction in the district of Alleppey.

The beaches in Allepey are the Alleppey Beach, Marari Beach, Andhakaranazhi Beach, and Thottapally Beach. The most commonly visited one is the Alleppey beach.

The most awesome thing about the Alleppey beach is the sunset view in the evening time.

Somewhere there near the beach you can see the sea that meets the backwaters network near the beach.

Anywhere during the day time, the calm surrounding of the beach near the palm trees along with the vast sea serenity is very breathtaking as well.

Moreover, the beachside is a truly relaxing place. You can enjoy some true relaxation on the water without having to wait for your backwaters tour.

Day 3 in Alleppey

Itinerary for Day 3: The last day trip

  1. Visit Revi Karunakaran Museum
  2. Next Check-out of your hotel room
  3. Visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  4. Depart back to your hometown

Visit Revi Karunakaran Museum

LocationCCSB Road, Convent Square, Sea View Ward
Type of placeMemorial Museum
Duration of visitAbout 1 hour
Entry feeRequired
Visiting time9 am to 5 pm (Monday closed)
Good forMuseum-lovers, researchers, tourists

Revi Karunakaran Museum is a very famous museum in Alleppey. It is named after Revi Karunakaran (1931–2003) who was a leading coir exporter from Kerala and former director of the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI).

Here you will see Karunakaran’s art collection and a lot more pieces of stuff. This museum houses all of his amazing private collection of ivory, porcelain, and Swarovski Crystal.

The collections inside the museum range from various paintings to the crystal’s to amethyst to the rubies.

Other things that you can see here include a big collection of Tanjore paintings along with a 200 sq. ft. mural made completely from vegetable dyes.

There’s a special ‘Kerala Room’ that has over 3,800 unique pieces that chart the growth and evolution of the Keralite culture.

Visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

LocationKavanattinkara, Kumarakom
Type of placeBird Sanctuary
Duration of visit2-3 hours
Entry feeRequired
Visiting time6 AM to 5 PM (Daily)
Good forSightseeing, bird watching, nature lovers

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in India covering an area of more than 14 hectares of land and wetlands.

It is situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake at Kottayam.

You can reach there very easily. Just hire a taxi to take you to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary from Alleppey.

Or, you can even take a train from Alleppey Rail Station to Kottayam Railway Station. Next after reaching, one can hire local cabs or taxis from Kottayam which is around 13km from the sanctuary.

Here, you can witness a large number of rare bird species while walking through the forests. This is also home to a wide variety of migratory birds coming from areas like the Himalayas to Siberia.

The view of the lake and the surrounding greenery with the sound of the tweets and chirps of the birds is just awesome and so breathtaking. This place is literally the bird watchers paradise.

If you just have a short walk through the pristine lands of this sanctuary you will capture so many photo-perfect moments and it will surely be a once in a lifetime experience.

There you can have an awesome boat tour as well. The surrounding scenery and, the forests along with the ecosystem is just fantastic.

The End of your 3-Days Alleppey Trip

Ok! So, that’s the end of your 3 days Alleppey itinerary. Now, you can depart back to your hometown or any other location you want.

You have covered all of the major locations in Alleppey. You enjoyed the backwater cruise on Day 1 that literally took you through the pristine network of lagoons and lakes and also through the various scenic locations in Alleppey.

You have enjoyed the best of Kerala cuisine and sightseeing of nature during your Houseboat overnight stay. If you will do that perfectly then smile, as you will have covered a lot about Alleppey.

While during Day 2 & 3 you will have covered a lot about sightseeing the markets, bird islands, forests, beaches, resorts, museums, etc.

That’s all for a perfect 3 days trip to Itinerary! If you have covered it well then, you should have no stone unturned.

Nature has its richness and that’s the wealth of the rivers, lakes, lagoons, and waterways making up Alleppey’s wealth of backwaters that you will always love.


Ronit Dey

Chief-Editor, Indiaview.co


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