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Adventure sports in Spiti Valley. Here’s what you must know.

Spiti Valley is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a cold desert mountain valley bordered by the Zanskar ranges, Kinnaur and the Tibetan Plateau.

Spiti Valley is located in Lahaul-Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh just between the border of India and Tibet surrounding cold and dry breeze atmosphere with the essence of peace all around.

Adventure sports in Spiti Valley is a must-do thing if you would like to enjoy and get the best out of your trip visit. It’s because, this valley is located in a high-altitude challenging terrain surrounding by cold-desert landscapes, rivers, lakes, trekking trails, and many more.

One thing for sure, if you ever skip doing any of the adventurous sports in Spiti Valley you will miss a lot. Enjoying here will be a lifetime experience you can ever have.

List of Adventure Sports in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley trekking route
Spiti Valley trekking route


The terrains of the Spiti Valley is the best fit for trekking. Trekking is one of the very exciting and inexpensive adventure action you must definitely go for there in Spiti Valley.

Trekking to and in Spiti Valley can take you several days(sometimes 1-2 day is just enough) and might be even more demanding as the terrains become often harder, dry, cold.

Trekking in Spiti Valley helps you explore many serene parts of the northern Himachal Pradesh helping you discover many of the mesmerizing lakes, peaks, and other jaw-dropping beautiful places.

The rapid development of the connecting roadways, developed infrastructures has boosted a lot into increasing the trekking activities in Spiti Valley. Uncountable trekkers visit this part of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy this adventure activity.

Popular Treks in Spiti Valley

Thousands of trekkers come to Spiti Valley to do trekking in and from some of the mindblowing and difficult terrains of Spiti Valley every year.

Spiti Valley has a lot to cover. While trekking you get to explore every aspect of this charming place.

Some of the most popular trek routes in Spiti Valley are:

  1. Chandratal Lake Trek This trek usually starts from Hampta Pass from Manali takes you to Chanaratal Lake which is situated at 14,000 feet height. Among the greatest attractions of this Hampta Pass Trek is your trip to Chandratal lake. This Chandratal Lake trek lets you completely enjoy the beauty of the stunning lake, and various valleys, streams, lush green and dry forests of spruces, deodar, and firs.
  2. Kaza to Parang-La Trek This is one of the famous treks you must definitely go for. It starts from Kaza the subdivisional headquarters of the remote Spiti Valley to Parang-La which is located at about 5,580 m height.
  3. Mount Kanamo Trek Mount Kanamo in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh is the most famous trek. This trek will take to Mount Kanamo(the highest peak in Spiti) located at an altitude of almost 20000 feet. This 3 days trek starts from Kaza to Mt. Kanamo. You will find many beautiful streams, valleys, hills, and above all the famous Key Monastery on your way.
  4. Spiti Left Bank Trek This trek is best for the newbies. It is one of the easiest treks to do in Siti Valley and has a lot to cover. Leading to an altitude of about 14,000 feet only it can provide you with the glorious view of some of the oldest monasteries in the region like Sherkhang Monastery, Tabo Monastery, etc. Starting from Kaza this trek will take you through some of the highest villages, beautiful valleys, and untouched locations of this planet.

You will be exploring various sites on your trek route which are so mesmerizing that the beauty is yet uncovered. So, don’t forget to click a picture and show it to the world.

Chandratal Lake
Chandratal-Lake view

Best time to go for trekking in Spiti Valley

The best to do trekking in an around Spiti Valley is during the summer season i.e. during the months of March-June. During, this season the temperature remains close to 15°C with a pleasant climatic state.

The snow starts to melt from March and the trek routes become clear to provide you a beautiful appreciating trek experience.

Camping night view
Camping night view


Camping is yet another adventure to do in Spiti Valley. Camping is mostly preferred by hikers and trekkers who do long-days treks.

There are various trekking spots around the mesmerizing Spiti Valley. Many trekkers choose these camping spots for a one-night stand during their treks.

There are also private camping stays available in Spiti Valley. You can also book one to enjoy a relaxing night in the camp like a homestay.

Many amazing open lands, riversides and forest clearings of the valley leave it the perfect ground to do camping. The snow-laden hills, thick drapes of greenery and riveting rivers and streams paint a splendid picture that brings the tourists more to remain near nature.

Popular Camping spots in Spiti Valley

Here is is the list of some of the most popular camping spots in Spiti Valley:

  1. Kaza This place is the subdivision headquarters of Spiti Valley and also the start point of the various trek routes of the valley. Majority of the trekkers prefer this spot to do camping for a night before trekking further in Spiti Valley.
  2. Kunzum La Pass This pass lies on the route to Kaza. It Joins the Kullu Valley with Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India.
  3. Chandratal Lake It is perfect camping site for the trekkers aside the beautiful and stunning Chandratal Lake at a height of about 14,000 feet. Together with the views of the various valleys, streams, lush green and dry forests it is a must-do adventure.
  4. Losar This place is located at an altitude of about 4,000 meters in the extreme end of the Spiti Valley. This is a famous camping site with peaceful, relaxing, and totally beautiful mountains and magnificent rivers.
  5. Nako This is a small and beautiful village located in Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. There you will find a lot of camping sites.
  6. Dhankar– Dhankar Village is located at an altitude of 3,894 meters. It is yet another beautiful spot for camping. Places near the Dhankar lake is the best place to camp.
Kaza, Spiti Valley
Kaza, Spiti Valley

Best time to do camping in Spiti Valley

The time of the year from April to September is the best time to do camping in Spiti Valley. It is mainly the summer season which is ideal to do camping adventure in Spiti Valley.

The temperature remains quite close to 15°C with a pleasant climatic state. You can feel the mild heat and it’s better for camping.

Cycling adventure sport
Cycling adventure sport


Spiti Valley has gained so much popularity amongst cycling enthusiasts due to its challenging and difficult terrains.

This adventure activity allows you to cycle in a high altitude area. And, the beauty that you will be noticing is just otherworldly.

This adventure activity allows you to cycle in a high altitude area. And, the beauty that you will be noticing is just otherworldly.

While cycling you can explore some of the most precious destinations in Spiti Valley. This activity will provide you a wonderful opportunity to go high as 4079m and have a thrilling once in a lifetime experience.

Popular Cycling routes in Spiti Valley

The cycling routes mentioned below will provide you with the best experience ever. It has been never so easy to appreciate the majesty and picturesque landscape, mountains, monasteries, and villages.

Some of the most popular cycling routes in Spiti Valley are:

  1. Pooh to Tabo Route This 100-110km long route first takes you through the downhill ride along the Sutlej river and again uphill till the Spiti river at Khab. Then the route follows various hairpin bends through Nako to Malling Nalah and then finally to Tabo.
  2. Tabo to Kaza Route The route starts from Tabo which is a small town of the Spiti River at about 3,200m height. The route follows through Dhankar village following Spiti and Pin rivers, and then to Manirang and then the route finally reaches Kaza. This route is about 50-60km long.
  3. Kaza to Losar Route This 55-60km long route begins from Kaza and goes uphill from Key Monastery via. Kibber and Chicham villages and thereby follow through Ladarcha, Kiato and then to Losar.
  4. Losar to Chandratal Route The last route and this will be the exit way from Spiti Valley. It goes from Losar via. Chandratal Lake located at an altitude of about 4,000 meters. And, then it exits via. Rohtang Pass and finally reaches Manali.
Pooh, Spiti Valley
Pooh, Spiti Valley

Best time to do cycling

The months of July, August, and September is the best time to do cycling in Spiti Vally. It’s because during this time of the year you can explore the thrilling and diverse beauty, colors of mountains., monasteries, and the little villages.

It is the best of the best time if you ever plan to explore Spiti and it’s remote little villages by cycling.

Motorbiking, Spiti Valley
Motorbiking, Spiti Valley


This the best among the most difficult and thrilling adventure sports that Spiti Valley has to offer for enthusiastic travelers. Just imagine like you will be riding a bike in the midst of the beautiful and lonely valleys, mountains, and tracks.

People like doing this all the time. Just hire a bike, full the fuel tank, and start riding through the beautiful Spiti Valley.

It provides an awesome enthralling way to experience the Himalayan Valleys, crossing through the various tracks, over the bridges and rivulets, mountain passes, and steep highways.

The road expedition through the Spiti Valley is a must-do for everyone out there.

Popular routes in Spiti Valley for motorbiking

  1. Kunzum Pass to Kaza route This route starts from Kunzum Pass to Kaza in Spiti Valley. It connects Kullu Valley and Lahaul Spiti Valley with Spiti Valley. This motorable route is about 77km long and passes through National Highway 505.
  2. Nako to Kaza route This route connects Noko with Kaza in Spiti Valley. It is a 112km long motorable route via. the National Highway 505. This route passes through various small and beautiful villages like Sumbdo, Tabo, and Dhankar to finally reach Kaza.

Best time to do motorbiking

April to September is the best time to do motorbiking in Spiti Valley. It’s because during this time you get to explore each and every location on a bike without any difficulty which isn’t possible during the other time of the year due to heavy snowfall.

You must skip your ride plan during the extreme winter months like December, January, February, and March. It’s because the roads remain closed due to heavy amount of snow all around the Spiti Valley and nearby locations.


River rafting is one of the most adventurous and traditional sports on Spiti rivers and this may be the ride of your lifetime. Just fo for rafting and keep enjoying the bump and downs along with the waves of the mountain rivers.

If you’re an experienced enthusiast this is the best of the best thing for you to do in Spiti Valley.

You’d really like to raft through several wonderful rapids as you pass through the huge landscapes, large ridges, glaciers, pastures, and mountain tops.

Rafting in these regions provides you access to amazing places that can not be attained otherwise.

Go for river rafting and enjoy the thrilling experience. During the rafting days, you can do camping by the riverside. That’s truly awesome, right?

River Rafting, Spiti River
River Rafting

Popular river-rafting locations in Spiti Valley

River rafting can take as long as 7-8 days if you want to have a complete river length adventure. For a short time of enjoyment, it can be done between 2-3 days.

River-rafting spots in Spiti Valley are:

  1. Spiti River The most famous river in Spiti Valley provides with an extremely adventurous and thrilling river rafting experience. This river starts from Kunzum Range of the Himalayas and divides Lahaul and Spiti. It follows the beautiful places such as Tabo, Dhankar, Kaza, and Rangrik near its bank. The river spot between Kaza and Rangrik is the most famous and beautiful river rafting spot.
  2. Pin River Pin river is yet another one. This river passes through the various twist and turns of the various mountains, valleys, and small villages providing you a thrilling experience of river rafting. This river runs throughout its length from the beautiful valley in Lahaul-Spiti district known as the Pin Valley. It, later on, merges with the Spiti valley.

Best time to do river-rafting in Spiti Valley

The months from May to mid-October is the best time to do river rafting in Spiti Valley. It’s because during this time of the year the rivers are in its full flow due to the high melting of the mountain glaciers in the summer season.

Just be ready to enjoy this recreational outdoor activity to navigate the river and enjoy the incredible beauty surrounding the valley. This can be best done in no other months than between May to mid-October.


Jeep safari is the last one in the list. It is still another enthralling way to experience the beautiful Spiti Valley and its neighborhood.

Jeep Safari tour is done following the ups and downs of mettaled and kaccha paths of Himachal countryside, crossing bridges, and rivulets.

The safari trip through the snow-capped peaks and natural surrounding routes provides a trip of a lifetime. Adding activities such as camping will boost your adventure to the next level.

As you enter into the Valley, you’ll be amazed by its own raw and natural beauty, the older and perfectly situated monasteries, both the Buddhist monks and their customs, along with the warmth of local men and women.

Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari

Popular routes in Spiti Valley for Jeep Safari

  1. Kalpa to Tabo route It is a 150 km long route from Kalpa, Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh to Tabo, Lahaul-Spiti district via. National Highway 5 and National Highway 505. This route passes via. Sumbo, Chango, Nako, Khab, and Pooh.
  2. Tabo to Mudh route This route starts from Tabo to Mudh Village in Pin Valley at 14,500 feet height. The fastest route is 67km long via, the National Highway 505. You can spot the locations such as Khar, Siluk, and Qurith on the way to Mudh.
  3. Mudh to Kaza This 50km long route starts from Mudh to Kaza via. the National Highway 505. It passes through places like Kye, Kibber, and Gete.
  4. Kaza to Komic This route is the shortest one with a length of only about 20km via. the National Highway 505. Taking the route via. Langza Village, the fossil village is the best thing here.
  5. Kaza to Chandra Taal route This route is a not a popular one but is indeed beautiful and adventurous. This route is taken via. the Kunzum Pass.
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Best time to do Jeep Safari in Spiti Valley

The time of the year from May to July is the best time for doing Jeep Safari in Spiti Valley. This is the peak time because between May to July the various highways and routes open up for the tourists.

It is summer season during these months of the year and so the mountain passes don’t remain blocked by thick snow.

The daytime remains glowing and comfortable. The routes are all open and free from snow, as a result, the time is ideal for the various adventure activities such as Jeep Safari, etc.


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