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Everything you need to know about the Mall Road, Shimla.

The Mall Road is the most popular location in Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. It is the main street and the most crowded place in Shimla.

This is one of the busiest roads in the day time. The best part is that it remains crowded with people, not automobiles.

No automobiles are allowed in this street, except for emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire brigades, etc.

This post is fully dedicated to Mall Road located in Shimla. So, keep reading this post, you are in the right place.

Location of the Mall Road

The Mall Road is the main street in Shimla which is located just below the Ridge Road. The Mall Road falls along the way from the Ridge Road. It is located just 900 meters away (only at a 5 minutes driving distance) from Ridge Road, the center of Shimla.

How to reach Mall Road?

Distance from Shimla Airport:

The Mall road is located approximately at a 1-hour driving distance from Shimla Airport. It is just 22 km away from the Shimla Aiport via. Shimla State Highway 16.

Distance from Shimla Railway Station:

The Mall road is located approximately at a 10-minutes driving distance from Shimla Railway Station. It is just 2.5 km away from the Shimla Railway Station via. Old Bus Stand Road.

Using a lift provided by HTDC:

There is a lift for the passengers operated by the Himachal Tourism Development Corporation. This lift is located on the Main Road downhill, which can directly take you uphill to the Mall Road within minutes. The cost of using the lift is affordable and it will only cost you between INR ₹8-10 only.

About The Mall Road, Shimla

The Mall Road is the main street and the most famous shopping place in Shimla. It is one of the relaxing places to take a breathtaking walk along with the crowd and enjoy the most awesome shopping experience ever.

This road has several streets which are comparatively narrow. The road goes up and down housing several shops, and it stretches through the various routes connected to the main road.

The majority and the best cafes, showroom, hotels, restaurants, offices, post offices clubs, bars, banks, shops, tourist spots are located here.

Enjoy shopping for the local kinds of stuff like shawls, sweaters, and other accessories. Linger and hang around eating the local street foods while gossiping.

The Ridge Road which is just 5 mins (900 meters) away from the Mall Road is the top cultural hub of Shimla.

The Mall Road is connected with Ridge Road at a point known as the Scandal Point which offers the sightseeing option of the beautiful scenic views of Shimla’s countryside.

This Scandal Point here is the top best location to spend some time with the beautiful sights of mother nature and have some gossips with your friends and family. And yeah! Don’t forget to capture the moments.

Exploring the mesmerizing valley view, neat and clean atmosphere, and the colonial architecture is the best part you can enjoy roaming around the Mall Road and its nearby streets.

Vehicles are not allowed to pass through the mall road, except for the emergency ones. This makes it an amazing and safe place to roam around.

History of the Mall Road

The Mall Road has been one of the busiest places not only in Shimla but also in Himachal Pradesh from time immemorial.

Built-in a very strategic and planned way during the time of the British rule. To date, it has seen various structures, crowds, scandals, and developments.

During the early days, this road was a famous walking and trading point for the Britishers. Indian people except for the rulers and high officials were banned from entering the Mall Road.

The entry of vehicles was also banned, though cycle rickshaws were allowed during those times.

The Scandal Point located in Mall Road which offers beautiful sightseeing is named so because of a famous love scandal that once occurred here. Stories say that the British Viceroy Lord Curzon’s daughter was picked up by the Maharaja of Patiala from here. Thus, giving its name the “Scandal Point”.

The Christ Church, which is one of the famous and oldest churches in Himachal Pradesh is located here in the Mall Road. It is a well-known one constructed by the British rulers and it represents the sheer art used by the British in their constructions.

In the year 1845, the Kali Bari Temple was constructed here. This temple is a very holy place and is considered to be the abode of goddess Shayamala, another embodiment of goddess Kali.

History sounds and cherishes the unique Tonga mail delivery system that was introduced in the General Post Office located at the Mall Road, Shimla. Shimla General Post Office is the oldest post office in Shimla which was constructed in the year 1882.

The Gaiety Theater, located here was one of the most famous entertainment spots in Shimla. It was constructed in May 1887. Once, this theatre was a very popular place as various film personalities have performed on its stage. Today it is primarily known for its social club and also as a performing arts theatre used by the various schools and media houses.

Things to do in and nearby Mall Road

What to do in Mall Road, Shimla? Here, are the top 5 things to consider. Check it out!

Shimla Shopping
Shopping At Shimla

#1. Enjoy the shopping happiness

Here, this road is in the center of Shimla. As a whole, it attracts thousands of tourists and visitors each day making it the top shopping location in Shimla. In reality, it is the top best shopping spot in Shimla. You need to understand it then, just spend some shopping time here. You will just love it. Search and shop for unique and beautiful handicrafts, pottery items, jewelry, and woolen clothes, etc. You can also buy the awesome stuff like the Tibetan carpets, Pashmina shawls, Himachali caps, embroidery things, etc. all at a reasonable price. And Yes! don’t forget to do bargaining.

Mall Road Restaurants
Bakery Shop at Shimla

#2. Spend some time in restaurants and cafes

Exploring and gossiping is what everyone likes to do. And yes! there in the Mall Road, you will find numerous street food stalls, restaurants, and cafes to spend some time with your loved ones, family, and friends. Seat and relax in one of the restaurants or have a sip of coffee at your desired cafe. Or, linger and hang around eating the local street foods while gossiping. Enjoy the food like Madra, Dham, Chha Ghost, Mash Daal, Chicken Anardana, Momo, Noodles, etc. Have some refreshing soft drinks, enjoy in the bars, take the delicious desserts, or have some ice creams.

Christ Church Shimla
Christ Church, Mall Road, Shimla

#3. Explore the countryside and the various attractions

Walking, wandering, and roaming around in the streets of Mall Road has a lot to provide you with. Mall Road provides an awesome environment to take a walk in Shimla. If the day is bright and shiny, it just fantastic to have a nice view of the streets and the cityside. The evening time is decorated with the lightning of the stores, street routes which seem to provide a very colorful, festive, and touristic experience. Here, in the Mall Road go for exploring the countryside and the various attractions present here and this will provide a seamless experience of Shimla’s heritage walk in the good and neet place with a good atmosphere.

Scandal Point Shimla during the winter season
Scandal Point View, Shimla

#4. Enjoy the mesmerizing views from the Scandal Point

The Scandal Point is a very popular meeting place for the locals and the tourists. This place is blessed with abundant beautiful sights of mother nature. This Scandal Point here is the top best location to spend some time gossiping with your friends and family. This place offers the sightseeing option of the beautiful scenic views of Shimla’s countryside. This place is the togetherness of the scenic views with the fresh and clean nature providing a perfect photography site. You will be amazed by the almost 360-degree view of the valley around in an automobile traffic-free and clean environment.

Shimla Streets
Streets of Shimla

#5. Spend some time with nature and city life equipped together

This place is a whole equipped with both artificial and natural beauty. You can enjoy nature as well as city life, both equipped together. You will admire the efforts and scenic beauty along with the charm of acknowledging and admiring some amazingly marvelous structures and buildings all in one place. This is the best thing here in the Mall Road. Stop and walk in a leisurely way with cold breeze and Shimla local shops. That’s so fantastic. It is such a location that you would have seen the first time ever in your life. One word to explain is that it’s simply a fabulous and mind-blowing location.

Places to visit in and near Mall Road, Shimla

Scandal Point View, Shimla
Scandal Point View, Shimla

#1. The Scandal Point

It’s a famous tourist attraction in Shimla. From this place, you can get an almost 360-degree view of the valley around. Here, this is the best place to spend time together with the gorgeous landscapes of nature and involve some gossips with your family and friends.

Location: The Mall Road, Shimla. Located in the interconnection road link between Mall Road and Ridge Road.

Christ Church Shimla
Christ Church, Mall Road, Shimla

#2. Christ Church

Build in the year 1894, Christ Church is one of the famous and oldest churches not only in Himachal Pradesh but also in the whole of Northern India. It’s a well-known one assembled by the British rulers and it reflects the utter artwork employed by the British in their structures.

Location: Near Mall Road, Lakkar Bazar, Shimla.

Town Hall Shimla
Town Hall, Shimla

#3. Town Hall

The Town Hall was constructed in the year 1910 by the British rulers. It was built for the British officers to stay here and do the various administrative jobs. It used to the top priority office during their stay in Shimla. Today it is maintained by the Shimla Municipal Corporation. It is one of the most important landmarks in Shimla. It also houses a library. The grand entry of this building is the favorite location for taking snaps.

Location: Middle Bazar, Mall Road, Shimla.

Kali Bari Shimla
Kali Bari, Shimla

#4. Kali Bari Temple

This is a very holy hilltop temple located hilltop in the middle of the picturesque mountain views. The temple is a wonderful spot to visit. It is a nicely preserved temple situated in a very clean location. Plus a trip to this area provides a fantastic experience. You can easily reach here by walk. It is only at a 5-minute walking distance from the Scandal Point.

Location: Mall Road, Shimla.

gaiety theatre shimla
Gaiety Theatre, Shimla

#5. Gaiety Theatre

The Gaiety Theater was among the most well-known amusement and entertainment areas in Shimla. It was built in the year 1887. This theater was a remarkably common location as many movie personalities have played on its stage. Today it’s largely famous for its social club and a performing arts theater utilized by the educational institutes and press houses. A visit to this Theatre should not be missed at all.

Location: Near Scandal Point, Mall Road, Shimla.

Johnnie's Wax Museum Shimla
Johnnie’s Wax Museum, Shimla

#6. Johnnie’s Wax Museum

This is the first wax museum of Himachal Pradesh. It is a truly unique and equally fascinating attraction in Shimla. Here, you can see the statues of the world-famous public figures, Bollywood and Hollywood stars, sports stars, music pop stars, real-life heroes, and various superheroes all made with wax. It’s a modest attraction featuring life-sized wax figures of local & international icons. It is thus a great spot to hang out with your friends and family.

Location: Near Willow Bank, Mall Road, Shimla.

Himachal State Museum Shimla
Himachal State Museum, Shimla

#7. Himachal State Museum

The Himachal State Museum is located hilltop in the middle of the picturesque mountain views housed in an old Victorian mansion providing a historical view of the countryside. You can find here the various preserved ancient artistic, historical, archaeological and ethnological human works such as metal sculpture collections, miniature paintings, murals, arms, woodcarvings, coins, jewelry, textile wood carvings, etc. of Northern India. Art and history fans must go to the museum during their vacation in Shimla.

Location: At Chaura Maidaan, 3 km from Mall Road, Shimla

Tibetan Refugee Market Shimla
Tibetan Refugee Market, Shimla

#8. Tibetan Refugee Market

A very famous shopping site in Shimla is the Tibetan Refugee Market. Shop and buy the various Tibetan kinds of stuff while in Shimla. It’s all possible due to this market. It’s an excellent great place to buy silver and junk jewelry and handicraft items. You will find clothes, decorative things, numerous handicrafts, hand made items, utensils, custom embroidery things all made by the Tibetian Refugees of Himachal and other North Indian locations.

Location: Rivoli Rd, The Mall, Shimla,

Rivoli Tunnel Shimla
Rivoli Tunnel, Shimla

#9. Rivoli Tunnel

Rivoli Tunnel is a very famous historical landmark in India. This tunnel passes underground through the various roads, streets, and shops leading directly to the Lower Bazaar in Shimla. This tunnel connects the Lower Bazaar and Tibetan Refugee Market. The tunnel makes commuting at Shimla simpler and is used every day by the people. You will see adequate lamps and light bulbs here inside this tunnel.

Location: Near Lower Bazaar, 5 km away from Mall Road, Shimla.

Daulat Singh Park, Shimla
Daulat Singh Park, Shimla

#10. Daulat Singh Park

The Daulat Singh Park is a small yet beautiful playground having a wide-open area with statues, flowers, and a few of Chinar trees. This park is maintained by the Shimla Municipal Corporation. This park is a small but clean and well-preserved one. It attracts various tourists as it is a very nice place to relax, enjoy leisure time with the various mesmerizing views of the valley.

Location: Nagar Nigam, Ridge, The Mall, Shimla.

Top Best Hotels in and near Mall Road, Shimla

#1. The Ceder Grand Hotel and Spa

Location: Near Winter Field, Cart Road, Shimla

#2. Hotel Landmark

Location: Near Hotel Surya, The Mall, Shimla

#3. Hotel Combermere

Location: Near Central Bank of India, The Mall, Shimla

#4. Hotel Surya

Location: Circular Road, Shimla

#5. Hotel Shingar

Location: At Mall Road, Shimla

#6. Marina- Shimla First Designer Boutique Hotel

Location: Near Kamla Nehru Hospital, Mall Road, Shimla

#7. Honeymoon Inn

Location: Near Kamla Nehru Hospital, Mall Road, Shimla

#8. Hotel Cosmos Resort

Location: Near High Court, Mall Road, Shimla

#9. Hotel Chaman Palace

Location: Near Kali Bari Temple, Kali Bari Road, Shimla

#10. Hotel Groombridge Estate

Location: Near Police Ground, Bharari Road, Shimla

Or, Compare Various Websites & Find Your Ideal Hotel In And Near The Mall Road, Shimla

#1. What is the distance between Mall Road and Ridge Road?

The exact distance between Mall Road and Ridge Road is 1.4 km only via. the shortest route. The Ridge Road is about at a 6 min driving distance and about 15 min walking distance only from the Mall Road.

#2. Which is the best restaurant in Mall Road?

The best restaurant in Mall Road is Sagar Ratna. Here you will find a good variety of North Indian, Chinese, and South Indian delicacies all at a very affordable rate. It is well known for its tasty and hygienic food.

#3. Which is the best cafe in Mall Road?

The best cafe in Mall Road is Cafe Sol, Hotel Combermere. Here, you can enjoy various national and international cuisines in a flagship-level neat and clean environment. It offers amazing and tasty food in an amazing place with great ambiance.

#4. Any cinema hall near Mall Road, Shimla?

There are about 3 cinema halls in and nearby Mall Road, Shimla. These are Ritz Theatre, Shahi Theatre, and 7D Cineplast. 7D Cineplast is the most popular and the best one here.

#5. Where is the Scandal Point in Shima?

The Scandal Point is located at the intersection of the Mall Road and The Ridge Road. The Mall Road is connected with Ridge Road at a point known as the Scandal Point that offers the sightseeing choice of the gorgeous panoramic views of the Shimla’s countryside.


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