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10 Exciting Things About The Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

If you want to witness optical illusion and the magic of magnetic pull then, visiting the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh will be the best choice.

Magnetic Hill is a Gravity Hill also known as the Mystery Hill located near Leh in Ladakh, India. For some, it’s a scenic spot that’s so beautiful to look at with endless possibilities on both sides.

Here, you can witness the magnetic magic as the car moves like someone is driving it once you go near the hill. That’s the time of excitement.

Anyways, this was only a bit about the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. There’s a lot more to know.

Magnetic Hill Leh Ladakh

Here Is The List of The 10 Exciting Things about The Magnetic Hill of Ladakh You Must Know About...

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#1. It’s located at an altitude of 14,000 feet

The Magnetic Hill is located at Srinagar-Leh Highway at an altitude of about 14,000 feet above the sea level. It is located about 26 km from Leh Ladakh in the Jammu & Kashmir state of India.

This 14,000 feet highway is also known as the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway or the National Highway 1 of the Trans-Himalayan region.

Due to such a high altitude location, some people feel high altitude sickness on the day of arrival in the Magnetic Hill. It’s because of there are 40% fewer oxygen molecules per breath so the body needs to adjust itself to having less oxygen.

Being located at such a high altitude, the Srinagar-Jammu highway, which is the main lifeline of the Valley gets blocked due to extreme snow.

The roads to reach the Magnetic Hill via. Srinagar and Manali remain closed in winters. But, the road between Leh to the Magnetic Hill remains open throughout the year.

This high altitude Magnetic Hill is located in the Sham Valley region of Ladakh. Further ahead from the Magnetic Hill in Sham Valley there is a famous confluence of Indus River in the left and Zanskar River coming from the right.

You can easily reach here within 35-40 minutes by hiring a private taxi or by riding a bike directly from Leh.

#2. There are 5 theories empowering the Magnetic Hill

Local people have their own theories to describe Magnetic Hill. On the other hand, modern science and technology provide various other theories.

Some call it a myth, while others say it the work of some supernatural powers that reside here.

Nevertheless, altogether there are 5 such theories empowering the myth, mystery, and the working of the Magnetic Hill of Leh Ladakh.

These 5 Theories are:

#1. The Magnetic Theory: According to this theory, there is a big hill with magnetic power that attracts or pulls vehicles towards it. This huge hill is known as Magnetic Hill.

#2. The Optical Illusion Theory: According to this theory, the view of the surrounding land and mountains produces the optical illusion that shows a slight downhill slope as that of an uphill slope. This is why the car moves of its own as the gravity pulls it downwards.

#3. The Clear Air Turbulence Theory: According to this theory, the magnetic power of the magnetic hill throws out magnetic waves into the atmosphere which causes turbulence in the air above causing a jerk to the planes flying over the Magnetic Hill.

#4. The Straightway To Heaven Theory: According to this theory, locals believe that there is a road leading to heaven somewhere hidden amidst the Magnetic Hill. This road leads to the gate of heaven which has some energy that pulls objects towards it creating such a magnetic effect.

#5. The Supernatural Force Theory: According to this theory, locals believe that the surrounding area of Magnetic Hill is the route where many supernatural forces and powers move freely and protect the gateway to heaven. The movement of the various supernatural spirits eventually drags the vehicle on the way uphill.

#3. Here you will feel the magnetic pull

A mysterious phenomenon can be witnessed there in the Magnetic Hill when a magnetic force so strong pulls the cars uphill.  It’s a gravity-defying phenomenon of the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh.

To experience the magnetic power, you have to place your vehicle on a specific spot, that is marked with a board and white paint on the road and power-off your vehicle and let your vehicle stand in neutral.

You will notice that the vehicle soon starts moving automatically towards the hill at a speed of around 20 km per hour.

Such a wonderful experience it is as the vehicle slowly starts moving on its own. This is all because of the existence of a magnetic force so strong that it can pull cars uphill.

Thus in fact, due to this reason, various scientists have suggested various theories for the magnetic pull of which the Magnetic Theory fits best.

According to the magnetic theory of the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh, it is believed that this magnetic hill has some fantastic amount of magnetic energy, thus pulls vehicles towards it which are within its scope.

The hills and the mountain ranges there seem to have magnetic properties to pull metals. You can watch it by switching off the car which continues to drag towards the magnetic force of the hill.

#4. Locals believe that this is the road to heaven

There’s a myth about the superstition believe that this is the road to heaven. Locals also say it the path to heaven.

As a result of which this place is also known as the Straightway to Heaven by many people.

The regional people of Ladakh consider this magnetic mountain near Leh was a street that led people directly to heaven.

They do firmly believe that those who were extremely lucky and pure souls were pulled directly towards heaven, and also those that weren’t considered deserving couldn’t make it there.

Locals depict various stories as of how the holy saints used to reach heaven through Magnetic Hill’s route directly. These were the great Buddhist saints of all time.

Although this superstitious theory by the locals is now considered a myth and today’s science has no strong pieces of evidence to prove it. As a result, it’s considered a myth by modern people.

In addition, this supernatural theory of heaven’s route wasn’t directly engaged with the Magnetic Hil and it’s creation but, are mixed to add some flavor to the narrative.

Alternatively, some have turned to the supernatural concept in order to find an explanation for the occurrence of this Magnetic Hill.

#5. Locals also say that supernatural forces are at work

The local villagers nearby the Magnetic Hill believe that this is the route of many supernatural forces and powers. Some also say tales of holy spirits and other hidden strange objects that move here freely.

The superstitious people living in this area beg to differ from the ‘anti-gravity’ theory. They harbor a belief that this phenomenon is actually a supernatural occurrence done by the supernatural forces at work.

The people in this area consider it the route and the gateway to heaven which is well protected by the various forces and supernatural powers residing here.

They do also believe that these supernatural spirits residing here guide the people who deserve to go to heaven. They also believe that these spirits also restrict who doesn’t deserve to go to heaven.

They say that this place is the way for the movement of the various supernatural spirits which drags the vehicle on the way uphill, even if the vehicle is in neutral mode.

It is still better in the sense that they do not attribute the phenomenon to be the work of some evil ghosts or evil forces, unlike in other places.

In fact, the local people do consider these supernatural spirits as the holy ones from the heaven who doesn’t harm anyone traveling to this place but, give guidance to the ones who are lost.

#6. You can be easily cheated by the optical illusion

Other theories also suggest that optical illusions come into place when you reach near the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. and yes, you can be easily cheated by it.

According to Psychologists, Optical illusions are images or pictures that we perceive differently than they really are. Such illusions occur when our eyes send information to our brains that trick us into perceiving something that does not match reality.

Optical Illusion is a wrong perception that is caused by something making it seem something else that does not exist in reality.

As per the magnetic hill experiments conducted by the scientists, it was seen that the optical illusions can be recorded here, which stated that a very slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope.

This theory states that the Magnetic hill causes an optical illusion due to the surrounding terrain that makes one think that he is moving uphill when their vehicle is turned off.

According to this theory, the highway is slightly downhill as a result of which the vehicle moves downwards due to the gravitational pull of the earth. The optical illusion made it seem uphill movement of the car but, in reality, it’s downhill.

As a result, if this theory is considered then the presence of hills with magnetic powers can be made false. And, so the gravity of the earth needs to be considered as the pulling force of the vehicles.

#7. This place causes turbulence for planes

The magnetic hill also causes turbulence for the airplanes and helicopters that flies over the hill.

According to the Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) Theory, the turbulence is basically caused due to the movement of the magnetic waves that ripple unseen throughout the atmosphere, which may be a major source of airplane turbulence for the air objects that flies over the magnetic hill.

Not only are the vehicles traveling on the road get attracted by the magnetic power of this hill, even the helicopters and aircraft feel the same magnetic impact.

It has been informed by the local people and the ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) that the magnetic power of the hill can also be experienced while flying over the hill.

Locals and the ITBP personals claim that the helicopters and aircraft that pass through the region need to fly at a specified speed and height above the sea level to prevent the jerks and the magnetic effects of the hill.

If the helicopter and the airlines flying over the magnetic hill comes under the radius of the magnetic hill, it will feel the jerk. The magnetic property of the hill causes some unsteady movement of air molecules that causes the planes to jerk.

It is thus advised to fly at some safe speed and height above the hill to avoid accidents. The Indian Air Force pilots are aware of this phenomenon and usually avoid this area.

In reality, it’s said that planes divert their path to prevent magnetic interference from the Magnetic Hill. If somehow airplanes move over the hill then, it needs to maintain the required altitude and height to avoid the jerk and accidents.

#8. June is the best time to visit the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

June is the best month of the year to visit Magnetic Hill in Ladakh. It’s the time when the snow starts melting down and this creates a perfect view of the dry-cold desert.

June is usually the time when you will see the rapid flow of water in the streams and rivers nearby the magnetic hill.

The climate is pleasant during the day time in June with a maximum temperature of 30° Celsius. Summer nights are very cold with a minimum temperature of 17° Celsius.

It’s also the perfect time to see perfect landscapes, mighty mountains, a quaint way of life and breathtaking food.

July is the best time between the best time period of June to October when the majority of the people visit Leh Ladakh, and the magnetic hill as well.

Srinagar-Leh Highway and Manali-Leh Highway are the two highways that remain closed for more than six months from November to April/May every year because of heavy snowfall on various mountain passes that comes on these adventurous roads.

So, reaching the Magnetic Hill via. Srinagar and Manali remain closed in winters. But, the road between Leh to the Magnetic Hill remains open throughout the year.

Anyways, traveling here anytime after September might cause adverse weather conditions as well as the problems of transportation facilities which could interrupt your journey.

So, June months fits to be the best choice to visit the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh.

#9. Try riding ATV Quad Bikes on the sand dunes near the Magnetic Hill

A popular for thrill-seekers, the ATV-Quad Bikes are an enjoyable way to explore the beauty of the Magnetic Hill and as a whole the deserts of Leh Ladakh.

Riding these Quad Bikes together with all the cold wind on your face, navigating through rocky terrain is wonderful. It’s an exciting way to enjoy the panoramic desert landscape on your own.

At first, trained drivers teach you how to ride one and then they let you try it on your own till some stretch. Later on, you can ride it all by ownself.

Quad biking is all about action and burning rubber. If driving is the reason you live for then this adventure activity is for you.

The popular destinations for Quad Biking in Ladakh are Nubra Valley and Magnetic Hill.

June to October is the best time to do ATV Quad Biking in the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. That’s particularly during the summer season when you will enjoy the quad biking experience a lot.

These ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) are available for a ride at a cost of Rs 1200 per trip for about 1 km long. Bargaining is possible.

One can take an ATV ride to the hill and area around it. A small cafe for small eats is there which can arrange an ATV-Quad Bike for you. Or you can also ask your travel agent to arrange one as per your needs.

#10. Riding a car to the Magnetic Hill works the best

Objects like a bike, car, or any other vehicles appear to be moving uphill even if the vehicle is in its neutral mode or switched off.

However, riding a car to the magnetic hill and experiencing the magnetic pull inside the car is a better experience that cannot be matched with a bike or something else.

You can travel by bus to reach the Magnetic Hill. The state-run JKSRTC buses ply within the Ladakh region. But, the best way is to hire or take a private car to Magnetic Hill from Leh.

You won’t feel the magnetic pull while inside a bus so fantastically as it can be done while inside a car. So, riding a car to the Magnetic Hill works the best.

On the other hand, the Magnetic Hill is located only about 26 km away from Leh Ladakh in the Jammu & Kashmir state of India. That’s somewhat about a 30-35 minute distance of an awesome car ride.

Drive your car here and just place it on the white-painted sign on the road. This place can be identified by looking at the signboard placed by the BRO (Border Roads Organization) of India.

Put your car on the mark as guided on the signboard and power-off your car. You will soon see that the car will start moving forward at the speed of about 20 km/hr.

Just remember that riding a car to the Magnetic Hill works the best. Be sure to bring your car to experience the pull.


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